First winter with pup....

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Imnotverygoodatallthis Sun 02-Sep-18 08:12:38

Daft question really... but what do I need for dog walking in the rain? And how do people dry and wash their dogs quickly and efficiently?? He's a lab if it changes any answers... I've got long waterproofs coats but do I need waterproof trousers... and what wellies or stick with walking boots? I've seen people talk about dog drying coats, or have I made that up? Can you tell I'm assuming it's going to rain a lot 🤣

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ContadoraExplorer Sun 02-Sep-18 08:40:13

We've just bought a dog drying coat from Collared Creatures at the recommendation of a relative for our cocker. Not tried it ourselves yet but they raved about it. He also had a waterproof coat when it was really cold and wet last year, but has outgrown it so need get him a new one. We walked him a few times without it and he took ages to warm up afterwards (especially with the snow in March) so whilst I sometimes think "he's a dog, if he were in the wild he wouldn't have one" he definitely needs it.

I walked him last year in a pair of Dublin Boots but have wellies and walking boots too - all dependent on how bad it is. Extra thick socks, a ski jacket and warm gloves if it snows!

Lucisky Sun 02-Sep-18 08:44:39

Wellies, not walking boots in the winter.
The trouble with waterproofs is you would get very hot. I try to avoid walking in very heavy rain. I have a goretex coat which has done it's job for years, other than that, if I get wet, I get wet, and just change when I get home.
I dry my dog with a towel, but if she is muddy I will either encourage her into a pond or deep puddle to get the worst of the mud off, or even long wet grass does quite a good job.
You can get doggy dry bags, but I've never tried them. If she really wet I might shut her in the (warm) kitchen until she is dry, purely to try and protect my furniture from muddy paws.
I very rarely get that wet, tbh.
A good waterproof hat is very useful.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 02-Sep-18 08:45:07

Most of last winter seemed to be freezing cold but not raining - I spent a lot of time wearing a ski jacket, thick cycling gloves and walking boots (always warmer than wellies). DDog would be an ideal dog for living in the Caribbean as he didn't struggle in the heatwave but can't cope with snow. He has an Equafleece coat but in about May I bought him a custom fit coat from Dorset Dog Togs that can be worn instead of or in addition to the Equafleece, though he's yet to wear it.

I largely try to avoid winter rain as DDog just ends up shivering so much quicker, but when unavoidable I have an excellent Wiggle cycling jacket that's very waterproof, combined with many many jumpers. Waterproof trousers are also good, and good quality walking boots as above.

When we get home I find that if it's wet DDog has also picked up a load of grime as he's quite low to the ground. So, he usually ends up in the bathtub having a quick rinse with warm water, followed by being rubbed down with an old towel.

Hoppinggreen Sun 02-Sep-18 09:12:38

In the winter I wear comfy wellies with fleece welly liners and a above knee coat. You do get very sweaty in waterproofs and having wet knees isn’t the end of the world to me.
I also have a waterproof hat as I don’t like hoods
Ddog is a GR and I dont think he needs a coat ( I doubt a Lab would either) but I suppose it might keep him drier. However, it’s his legs and tummy that get the wettest so a coat wouldn’t help with that. We don’t have carpet and he’s not allowed on the sofas so a rub down with a towel when we get in does the job.

BiteyShark Sun 02-Sep-18 09:35:08

Wellies for you. I have a couple of coats that are water resistant for light rain and one that is waterproof for heavy rain but BiteyDog doesn't like heavy rain so it tends not to be used.

I have micro fibre towels for getting most of the water off before he gets in the car. We have a waterproof car seat cover. Then when at home he goes in the bath and is hosed down with water to get the mud and dirt of him then dried with towels. Yes the house then smells a bit of wet dog grin

Imnotverygoodatallthis Sun 02-Sep-18 12:24:29

All fabulous ideas and suggestions thank you. Waterproof hat is a good idea. And yes to legs and tummy still being wet. I have ski wear and cycling/running gear I can use. Let's hope he doesn't like heavy rain although the few downpours we've had this summer he's quite enjoyed 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Sun 02-Sep-18 12:49:39

With a lab you will need a good waterproof coat for you - they usually love to walk especially in the rain! I do have waterproof trousers as well.

I am never cold when out walking as I find I generate warmth from the exercise so I do not have a think winter coat just a waterproof one and I can add layers underneath if I need to (rare though!)

I wear walking boots in all weathers as I walk miles and have never found a pair of wellies comfy for the distances I walk. They are waterproof and keep my feet dry you can also get waterproof socks which are fab.

I doubt very much that you will need a coat for you labrador when out walking - they rarely get cold but do jump in muddy puddles so then you have a wet dog and a wet coat. Overheating is more of a problem than being cold tbh.

I would recommend a drying coat though for afterwards either equalfleece,hotter dogs or spring things. This will dry your dog quickly after muddy walks.

There is nothing better than a long wet winter walk and then back home to chill in the warmth - enjoy smile

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Sun 02-Sep-18 12:50:17

A think coat could be a good idea fgs I mean thick coat!!!!

thegirlsallgrowedupnow Sun 02-Sep-18 14:57:08

Cocodog doesn’t mind walking in the rain and is a mud magnet but she doesn’t seem to like the feeling of being wet when she gets home and she takes ages to dry properly despite a vigorous towel dry. I have invested in an unlined dog coat from Doggie Coats. It zips up her back, we road tested it the other very wet Sunday. She arrived home with very wet head, legs and tail but back, neck and chest were totally dry and mud free. Made much shorter work of towel drying her all over. I wouldn’t use it if we were going out for a rainy walk with her doggy pals though, I think it may impede her play and probably make her too hot, in those instances, in the sink for a rinse down or full bath and stay in the kitchen until merely damp.
I have found the dog drying coat only useful to keep in the car in case we are caught out by rain and need to contain the worst of the wet and mud until we get home.

Cath2907 Mon 03-Sep-18 09:28:08

I have walking boots, waterproof trousers, a waterproof coat and a hat. I keep dog towels by the back door and shut the door into the rest of the house before I go out. We then come in the back door and dry Ddog with a towel whilst he tries to squeegy himself dry on all the furniture and the floor. He stays in the kitchen with me for 10 mins after we get in to make sure the worst of the wet is off before being allowed in the rest of the house. I have a huge pile of crappy old towels used for dog towels so once he is dry the wet towel is used to rub off my waterproofs, wipe the floor etc. and then throw in the laundry basket. I also keep a tub of water on the back patio and if dog is filthy on arrival home he gets to stand in the tub for a minute whilst I rinse off the worst of the mud before moving to towels stage.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Mon 03-Sep-18 09:44:31

When it’s wet and muddy I put the dogs in equa fleeces - water proof but breathable dog coats (the best on the market).
Then I have rough and tumble towel coat things for them if they get wet without their coats and their mittens fo drying their legs.

Squirrel26 Mon 03-Sep-18 21:48:12

Waterproof gloves, waterproof hat (I really really hate having rain in my face). I also really really hate waterproof trousers, so I usually wear Lycra gym leggings because they don't feel horrible when wet, and they dry quickly. When it snowed I wore ski trousers and they were great - I'm really tempted to buy a cheap pair from Aldi for this winter. I've got a ski jacket with a fleece lining that zips in and out, which is useful, but my best waterproof coat is actually an ancient wax jacket which has loads of useful pockets. Also have a seat cover for the car that's fleece on one side and waterproof on the other, and cheap microfibre towels for the dog. Plus 3 ridiculously expensive massive door mats.

Also useful - head torch, high vis (for you), high vis/ lights (for the dog), wellies, wellie socks.

I have become slightly obsessed with achieving the ultimate waterproof dog walking outfit...

Honeyroar Mon 03-Sep-18 21:57:39

I put a rug on my dogs when it rains just because they dry quicker. I dry legs and bellies with a towel.

We use drying coats most when camping - we used to use equifleeces, which were brilliant, but my labs didn't like having them put on (could've been getting arthiritis). I bought Ruff and Tumble drying rugs, which are soooo cute and dry well, but it takes ages for the rugs to dry.

Otherwise a good log fire dries them really well! I cheat in bad weather and do shorter walks but chuck balls, but I'm lucky we have a field.

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