Puppy teeth falling out is this normal? Pics attached

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maddiie Sat 01-Sep-18 22:08:11

Little 4 month old pups sharp puppy teeth are falling out. We've not found them but can feel some areas are just gum now where tooth has gone, but found this in his mouth earlier. Bit worried as I'm sure it's only meant to be full teeth that fall out? Is this normal? My concern is it's cracked and left half behind and could be sharp or get infected. He's far too mental a pup to let us have a look in his mouth, not for lack of trying so just seeing if anyone here knows. Thanks x

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maddiie Sat 01-Sep-18 22:09:10

Title seems misleading just to clarify I know his puppy teeth falling out is normal, just concerned because the one I've found isn't a whole tooth

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villainousbroodmare Sat 01-Sep-18 22:10:11

That's the whole thing. Put it under his pillow and there might be a chewie there in the morning grin

MsHomeSlice Sat 01-Sep-18 22:19:24

awwww, I have a little stash of puppy teeth somewhere, the puppy toothfairy is even slacker than the actual tooth fairy here, no bonios under their pillows for the puppypantses.

I think some pups must just swallow them, but my GSD was a bit neurotic horrified and would come over to me like he had a bee or something awful in his mouth, and spit them out in my hand and look all sad and upset.

do work on him letting you look in his mouth, wait until he is really relaxed and sit with him, just stroking bits of him and saying "show me"....fondle his ears, hold his face so he will show you his eyes, or feet, look in his flapply jowls. Try and do it every day, and then when he is not sleepy, then when you have a quiet moment in the day. it makes checking them over for ticks or at the vets so much less stressful for them.

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