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FiveMoreMinutesPlease Sat 01-Sep-18 08:27:30

We just starting the process of getting a puppy and I was wondering do you get a transfer of ownership cert or something when you take them off the breeder? I've looked on the internet and I know to ask for health cert and vet info but what about the micro chip?

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lifesapeachx Sat 01-Sep-18 08:45:49

Mine was a KC registered pup and you get a certificate explaining how to transfer the ownership then they send you a code to transfer the microchip for free. The breeder should have a code to give you for the transfer of the microchip.

FiveMoreMinutesPlease Sat 01-Sep-18 09:11:40

It's a cockapoo so won't be KC registered. Am I right in thinking only pedigrees are registered? This is a whole new world for us so lots of questions 🙂

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lifesapeachx Sat 01-Sep-18 09:36:19

Yeah cockapoos are still classed as a crossbreed and not KC registered. The breeder should have the microchip details for you to switch over, you can do it online 🙂

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 01-Sep-18 09:42:02

A cockapoo will not be on the KC breed register because it's not a pedigree. There was a poster on here a while back who, quite entertainingly, insisted her crossbreed dog was KC reg because the breeder said it was. On closer questioning, it turned out it was on the KC activity register, which any dog (inc. my rescue mutt of unknown origin) can be on as it's for agility etc.

Have you seen your puppy with the mother, and are you confident that it's the real mother? Cockapoos are so widely puppy farmed (with implications for future health and temperament) that it's important to be rigorous with checking where the puppy has come from.

FiveMoreMinutesPlease Sat 01-Sep-18 09:46:37

We've seen the cockapoos with the mother. They were very playful with her and she with them. They were still trying to suckle her.

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