Puppy taken away by family to whom he belong

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Niel90 Fri 31-Aug-18 05:58:19

Last past some months have been very stressful for me as a puppy parent as some months ago I had adopted a 4 week pug puppy of my friend who passed in accident as nobody was there to take care of him
This site help me lots in adjusting him to my home and the pup never gave me any trouble and he had become a integral part of our family
Now my friends family turned up asking me to hand him to them and told if I don't they said would take legal action
So our family keeping stone on your heart we had to handover to him but my full family is depressed but every month once they allow me to visit him

It's very depressing just pray they keep him happy

Now smaller sis has been after me to get new pup as she was more attached to him

I don't know what to do any advise

Whether if I should adopt new puppy and if yes than which breed ????

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typoqueen Sun 02-Sep-18 20:55:43

first i hope it was a mistake that you say puppy was only 4 weeks old, puppies should be with their mother till 8/12 weeks, sorry can not help of the legal side, only you can decide if you want to get another puppy, all i will advise is to pick a breed and do your homework

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 02-Sep-18 21:39:03

I'm sorry this has happened; I remember your last thread.

Unfortunately in English law pets are considered to be items in the same way as a TV is, so I suspect that the pug would be considered part of the Estate in the same way as her other personal possessions. I'm no lawyer, but I can't see you having any legal claim on the pug. You could, of course, offer to buy the pug from the family, but they would be quite within their rights to refuse.

As for what breed might work for you subsequently - I would have to advise against a pug as they are so riddled with health problems. Plus, if I'm honest, I think you would probably always compare a new pug to the pug you have lost. What sort of characteristics would you like in a new dog e.g. exercise requirements, grooming needs, size?

Niel90 Mon 03-Sep-18 10:33:25


my friend it was not my dog but my friend had found him on road so he adopted him but few weeks after in a accident my friend passed away and no one turn up to take little puppy charge so instead of leaving him lonely I took him to my place if I had left him there he would have died but suddenly his relatives turn up to ask his custody.

So was this my fault ????

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auntyflonono Mon 03-Sep-18 10:42:27

They should be thanking you!

If I were you I would spend a few months doing some research and next spring get a new pet. The weather will be better for training.

fenneltea Tue 04-Sep-18 08:47:08

I'd be sending a bill for care expenses and boarding that you've incurred; they might find it easier to let you keep the dog if you've had it a long time. Be prepared for lots of aggro and taking legal advice if you do though.

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