Knowing When It's Time

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Lynne1Cat Thu 30-Aug-18 19:16:46

He hasn't got any quality of life, has he? He's gasping for breath, weeing in the house, has no fur and just sits around all day. The time is now. It wouldn't be kind to let him linger on like that.

I had my 18yr old cat PTS in April, as she was like that (apart from no fur).

Do the right thing and let your old boy go. x

BiteyShark Thu 30-Aug-18 18:13:54

I'm so sorry flowers. It's heartbreaking having to make that decision and hopefully speaking to the vet will help that clarity.

I guess it's time when they lose that sparkle sad

JustPurple Thu 30-Aug-18 16:46:20

My poor dog is 12, and I think he might have had enough. I have an appointment to see the vet in an hour and I really wish I knew what the right thing to do was.

In the last 6 months he's just deteriorated so much. All his fur has fallen out, he's gasping for every breath and he reverse sneezes almost constantly. He lays in the corner all day and looks like he's given up.

Yesterday afternoon he collapsed, and he's been hard to rouse for a week. He seems confused and wees in the house even when the door is open. After that, I saw a different vet and we were asked to think about what we wanted to do.

Oddly enough, he's much brighter today. Still poorly, still not himself, but definitely brighter.

How do you know when it's the kindest thing to help your dog stop suffering? I don't want him to suffer, but I want to know if I'm making the right decision.

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