Should I take her to a vet?

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crazydoglady6867 Wed 29-Aug-18 19:35:54

This is what my doggies tummy looks like, it is full of acne type spots, does she need a vet to look at them?

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newname43 Wed 29-Aug-18 19:46:41

My dog gets these,my vet thinks its a food allergy especially to beef, have me some shampoo that costs a fortune ,but she still gets them and they seem to go on their own

Cheripie64 Wed 29-Aug-18 19:49:00

Looks like a flea allergy, do you have a cat/s.
Could be allergic to cat fleas.
No offence intended!
One of my dogs used to suffer from it.

crazydoglady6867 Wed 29-Aug-18 19:51:09

I don’t have cats but she does have a cat friend next door. I think I will pop her to the vet as I have just changed the flavour of her food, it could be that.

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