Recovering time and what to expect for dog being neutered

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madasamarchhare Tue 28-Aug-18 13:19:03

Have an appointment to see the nurse this week to discuss this. He is an 18 month old cockapoo. Just wondering on people’s experiences, what to expect and how fast/slow do they heal?

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BiteyShark Tue 28-Aug-18 13:24:14

My dog was very woozy and confused when we picked him up afterwards and cried in the kitchen for ages. He did bounce back in a day or two but the drugs they gave him made him have diarrhoea and we needed an injection to stop that. He did also have quite a lot of bruising and a reaction (swelling only) to some of his internal stitches.

After a couple of days the hardest part was keeping him still as he wanted to run about. We also went through several cones as he managed to bite through them and would not tolerate the medical suit so had to watch him all the time to make sure he didn't lick his stitches.

Although that all sounds bad we were given the all clear to run around again just under two weeks post op.

Booboopidoo Tue 28-Aug-18 13:35:21

Totally different experience to Bitey, has to pick my boy up early because he was back to normal (loopy!) so quickly and was expressing his displeasure at being stuck in a kennel blushsmile

He was quieter than usual later on in the evening but other than that you wouldn’t have known anything had happened. The wound didn’t seem to bother him and he had no problems post op. Had my girl spayed a few months later and that was totally different, she suffered more with after effects from the anaesthetic (shivery and cold, had to keep her wrapped up and close to us so she’d settle the first night) but it is a longer, more invasive op so that could be why.

My boy bounced back incredibly quickly though, hope it the same for you and your boy flowers

BiteyShark Tue 28-Aug-18 13:44:24

Booboopidoo that's the problem isn't it that each experience will be different and you might just be the unlucky one where they get an infection etc sad. Or your dog sails through as if nothing has happened grin

It turns out my dog doesn't do well with an anaesthetics. They knock him sideways and he always has stomach issues afterwards. Unfortunately you don't know that until afterwards.

madasamarchhare Tue 28-Aug-18 14:09:32

It’s good to hear both sides, you never really can predict how they will be can you. Just thought if I heard from people who’d had it done I’d have an idea what to expect. Out of interest how old were your dogs?

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BiteyShark Tue 28-Aug-18 14:10:31

Mine was almost 11 months old.

Nesssie Tue 28-Aug-18 14:12:54

Had mine done at about 8-9months (medium xbreed)
Was a bit woozy afterwards, I found him sitting in the garden with his head leaning on the washing line pole, fast asleep.

Was quite whiny overnight which broke my heart, but was pretty much up and about like normal the next day. Luckily didn't suffer any after effects from the op or drugs.
Was difficult to stop him licking his stitches through, ended up putting a large t shirt on him.


Booboopidoo Tue 28-Aug-18 14:14:52

Absolutely Bitey, my girl had some reaction to her stitches afterwards too, you just can’t predict. My boy was 6 months mad x

MaMisled Tue 28-Aug-18 14:16:03

My little chap was 12 mths old. Woozy and drowsy from picking up from vets at 4pm until next morning then totally back to normal.

BellBookandCandle Tue 28-Aug-18 16:12:04

I had my 'poo neutered at 10 months - he was fine. Went to pick him up and he jumped straight up! Couple of times whilst healing he would obviously get a nipping sensation, presumably where the stitches were, but nothing that caused any concern.

He slept a lot the day he came home, but after that he was pretty much back to normal. I used a combination of the cone of shame and the suitical recovery body suit to stop any licking.

Trying to keep him calm was the hardest - he likes a doodle dash in the evening!! He also loves his walks so I made sure I had lots of "thinking" toys to amuse him - snuffle mats for good, toys where he had to use his brains to work out how to get food/treats - it helped stop him getting bored.
He was back on short walks really quickly (10mins x twice daily) from day 3 which helped.

In all honesty he hardly noticed and had no ill effects at all.

There is a cockapoo owners page on FB - you'll get loads of tips/advice there (and cute pictures!!)

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