Raw food diet, crumbly poo

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Loubilou09 Tue 28-Aug-18 10:33:45

We got a puppy 5 weeks ago who came to us on a raw food diet - Natures Menu as well as royal canin puppy biscuits (I know some people don't like this mix but I have kept her on it for now).

As she loved her food so much I switched my older dog to a raw food diet also - she was previously fed Royal Canin biscuits with Forthglade wet so I just switched the Forthglade for the Natures Menu complete cubes with a small handful of Royal Canin.

The puppy's poos are fine, but the older dogs are crumbly unless I pick them up the minute they come out they end up broken down into little bits all over the garden which is gross and extremely difficult to pick up. Any ideas why this might be?

I work from home and sit on conference calls whilst they tear around outside, I can't monitor every single time they go for a poo but I do clear up once a day but it is increasingly hard to gather up all the poo crumbs...grin

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missbattenburg Tue 28-Aug-18 10:53:43

I think it's calcium content. The raw food is likely to have a high calcium amount because of the bone in it. I'm guessing your younger dog is utilising more of the calcium for growing? Or something like that...

wheelwarrior Tue 28-Aug-18 17:03:02

Bone content maybe to high for older dog try adding extra meat to it each dog varies how much bone content needed

Brigante9 Tue 28-Aug-18 22:59:04

Add small (! ) amount of liver to older dog’s diet, it will balance out the dryness. You could also serve the food in water, we do this with our old boy.

Please reconsider the Royal Canin, it contains BHT and BHA, carcinogenics.

tinymeteor Wed 29-Aug-18 09:28:45

Yes it's undigested calcium/bone. Add more meat and offal to the mix.

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