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MooBaaWoof Tue 28-Aug-18 17:33:59

Thanks again everyone for your replies and advice, I really do appreciate it.
The dog walker seems lovely, she was very interested in my dog and was very good with her. I got a good feeling about her so thats a good start! She has the insurances etc and is going to walk my dog on her own. She listened and took on board my dogs quirks (of which there are a few, shes a rescue) and is going to take her on her favourite route.
Fingers crossed it works out.
Thanks again.

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BiteyShark Tue 28-Aug-18 09:10:15

I'm struggling with the idea of trusting anyone else with my baby if I'm honest

It's so hard isn't it. Good luck for today.

MooBaaWoof Tue 28-Aug-18 09:06:46

Abbey thank you, I have heard similar stories about one of the more well known walking companies near us so Ive avoided them. I'm struggling with the idea of trusting anyone else with my baby if I'm honest! She's coming later today so really hoping it goes well.

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Abbey0134 Tue 28-Aug-18 08:20:03

From my own inexperienced experience, I would add the following question. Can I trust that you will do what I ask?
I employed one walker who came two hours earlier than requested, not expecting to see me at home. The earlier walk completely impacted on my day as I won't leave the dog in the crate for more than 2.5 hours at a time. I then got a message to say that she couldn't get her back into the crate and hoped she wasn't a chewer! Needless to say, I lost confidence and found a new walker. This lady could not be more different, she is so full of energy, my dog loves her and she is often out for more than 2 hours but the cost is only ever for 1 hour. She sends videos of the dogs out walking and all in all is a pleasure to deal with.
A friend had a camera at her home and saw the dog walker literally let the dog out for a wee and then put them straight back into their crate. It's a minefield.

BiteyShark Tue 28-Aug-18 07:57:52

Apart from all the usual 'insurance' stuff I think it's important that you both 'gel' and feel that you can ask for variations (e.g. if your dog is unwell or has an injury and needs walking differently or be able to approach them if you aren't happy with something).

MooBaaWoof Tue 28-Aug-18 07:51:10

Thank you to you too Vallahala. I actually did think of the wet dog question when I got back with my dog this morning. Having her number on my dogs tag is a good suggestion, something I hadn't thought of.

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MooBaaWoof Tue 28-Aug-18 07:48:26

Thank you so much for your reply, I've made a note of those!

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 28-Aug-18 07:44:46

How do your transport your dogs?
How long will the dog be in the van?
What does she do with a wet dog?
What happens if she is ill and cannot come?
Can you speak to people that she already walks for?
Does she dog tag the dogs with her number when out walking?
What insurance does she have? (hopefully cliverton!)
Is she qualified in Dog First Aid?
What training qualifications does she have?

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 28-Aug-18 00:08:36

What do you do when a dog does something it shouldn't?
What do you do when a dog does something correctly (e.g. coming back when called?)
How many dogs do you walk at once?
Which other dogs would my dog be walked with at the same time - age, temperament?
If your dog has any issues or "quirks", ask questions specific to how that would be handled.
For the boarding side of things - does she have one of the licences that will be compulsory from October?

MooBaaWoof Mon 27-Aug-18 22:25:09

Tomorrow I'm meeting a potential walker for my dog. The plan is that she will walk her for an hour 3 times a week. This is the first one that I've found that I think could suit us based purely on initial impression and recommendation (for boarding though not walking).
So, what do I need to be asking her? She isn't from the village I live in so is probably not familiar with routes etc so I can make suggestions but other than that?

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