Puppy gone off his kibble

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TickleMyPickle Mon 27-Aug-18 19:50:44

We have a 12 week old lab, we’ve been feeding him 3 times a day on the same kibble as the breeder ( St Johns puppy food ).
We brought him home at 9 weeks old and he would wolf it down and cry for it when he was hungry , however the last few days he has totally lost interest. He’ll eat about a third of it and then walk off, goes back occasionally to see if anything better is in his bowl, and will reluctantly eat a bit more.
Yesterday we had a roast and as he’d not touched his dinner at all, I poured some left over gravy and peas on over it and he ate the lot!
Is he just bored of boring dried kibble?
He is totally fine in himself, so I don’t think he’s poorly or lost his appetite.
I thought labs were supposed to eat anything?grin
I tried soaking his kibble today ( just in water ) and he didn’t seem impressed with that either?
Can anyone recommend a different type of food to start feeding him please?

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Sarahlou63 Mon 27-Aug-18 19:53:17

Could be that he's teething and it hurts to eat dry food. Try him on wet puppy food for a few days. If that doesn't work get him to a vet.

LatteLover12 Mon 27-Aug-18 19:56:55

I think kibble on its own is very boring for them. I try to mix in different wet foods, I use mince and chicken wings raw, and I add in a raw egg occasionally.

My pup loves peas and broccoli too.

Mix it up a bit - have you tried tinned sardines? Cheap and easy. Get the ones in oil but drain the oil away before adding it to a bit of softened kibble.

Good luck!

BiteyShark Mon 27-Aug-18 19:57:31

To compare general brands try allaboutdogfood.co.uk

My dog can't digest kibble very well but before we found that out we noticed he would go off kibble a lot.

If you think about it kibble can't be very interesting for a dog that has a great sense of smell. I feed my dog wet food now with a few bits of kibble for crunch. You can get good quality wet food and it's more smelly so I think some dogs prefer it over kibble.

Phillpot12 Mon 27-Aug-18 21:50:22

We had a similar problem....soaking kibble in hot water then adding the meat helped. Makes it a bit smellier!

Floralnomad Mon 27-Aug-18 23:32:41

Our dog has kibble for breakfast and kibble and wet food for tea , he recently stopped being interested in his breakfast so I just stick a bit of grated cheese on it and that seems to make it a lot more appetising .

OhWotIsItThisTime Tue 28-Aug-18 08:00:25

My dog was the same. He now has a mix of wet, kibble and chicken.


TickleMyPickle Tue 28-Aug-18 15:18:37

Thank you for the replies. Yesterday I mixed some grated cheese into the kibble and today for breakfast I added scrambled egg and he ate both.
I’ll also go into town and get some wet puppy food and see how he gets on with that.

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Brigante9 Tue 28-Aug-18 23:01:20

Pets at Home own brand, Wainwright’s trays. You don’t need puppy food-compare the ingredients! They’re virtually identical, it’s a marketing myth for the most part.

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