I Think itโ€™s time ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’” handhold please

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Penisbeakerismyfavethread Mon 27-Aug-18 11:59:54

I have posted about a month aging and we were lucky to get more time with our beautiful best friend but now I think itโ€™s time for ddog to leave us sheโ€™s not herself and hasnโ€™t been since Friday she has declined fast and there is only an average of 5 mins in a day when she is herself now.
Sheโ€™s very old, we got her when I was 8/9 and sheโ€™s 14 now
Iโ€™m heartbroken
I just want a handhold and cuddle sheโ€™s my best friend in the universe

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bengalcat Mon 27-Aug-18 12:03:37

Well what does your vet say ? Some will come out to the home ๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐ŸธX and hugs

BiteyShark Mon 27-Aug-18 12:08:02

I'm so sorry but it's the last kind thing we can do for them flowers

mayhew Mon 27-Aug-18 12:08:54

This happened to us in March. She was not herself, miserable, 14 years old, golden Labrador. She died as she lived, snuggling me and eating biscuits. We did it at the vets because she was too big to bury in the garden.

Penisbeakerismyfavethread Mon 27-Aug-18 12:10:38

The lovely vet is coming over this afternoon, ddog can barely walk, and has heart failure and is terrified of the surgery so we want to avoid at all costs.
Thank you so much.
They are right, when you know you know.
She looked at us this morning as if to say โ€œplease help meโ€...
Itโ€™s soul crushing

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Penisbeakerismyfavethread Mon 27-Aug-18 12:12:16

Mayhew Iโ€™m so sorry for your loss, we are in a similar situation with breed and age but our poor girl is off her food luckily we can take her up to the vets for cremation after sheโ€™s gone ๐Ÿ˜ž

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adoggymama Mon 27-Aug-18 12:22:39

I'm so sorry you're going through this, spend the day with her cuddling and reminding her how special she is. That's lovely of the vet to come to your home, she'll be surrounded by familiarity and love.thanksthanks


liz70 Mon 27-Aug-18 12:37:23

I'm sorry, OP. flowers We had to have our boy Chase p.t.s. a couple of months back. To be there with your pet to the end, and know that you are ending their suffering in a loving and peaceful way, was a comfort to us. Thinking of you. flowers

mayhew Mon 27-Aug-18 15:05:39

I made an assembly of favourite photos of her that I can see every day. I'm glad we didn't drag out her uncomfortable end.

pigsDOfly Mon 27-Aug-18 15:12:38

That's a great age.

They rely on us for everything and this is one of the most important thing we can do for them, to ease their passing.

It's such a sad time but she's clearly spent the time you've had her being loved and valued. That's all any dog wants. flowers

MsForestier Mon 27-Aug-18 15:17:36

Thinking of you this afternoon OP. It's been a long time since I've had a ddog but I was with her when she went.

CalonGlas Mon 27-Aug-18 15:21:37

Thinking of you, OP. It's the last, kindest thing you can do - to let her go without pain or fear, in your arms, the safest place she knows. She's asked you for help, and you've given it. Be kind to yourself too. flowers

Pumpkintopf Mon 27-Aug-18 15:24:59

Sending hugs to you op

Penisbeakerismyfavethread Mon 27-Aug-18 15:27:23

Sheโ€™s gone. In my arms. With my mum. The poor little mite. She was just the most incredible thing

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pigsDOfly Mon 27-Aug-18 15:29:44

Thinking of you. Take care of yourself.

She went in the safest, kindest place she knew.

Tootyfilou Mon 27-Aug-18 16:50:34

So very sorry for your loss xx

BubblesPip Mon 27-Aug-18 20:09:21

Iโ€™m so so sorry for your loss flowers She was obviously very lucky to have you

Lizzy1980 Tue 28-Aug-18 07:08:42

I'm so sorry. Take comfort in the knowledge that she's safe now. No more suffering or pain. How lovely that she passed with someone who she loved and trusted, and who loved her in return.
Sending you lots of love

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