Do I need to call emergency vet? Puppy grey/mucusy poo

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Chimpd0g Sun 26-Aug-18 20:43:45

Ok I called them, they were very nice and said keep an eye but aS appetite etc ok and still playing just feed her boiled chicken and rice and see vet on Tuesday unlesss she goes downhill

Thanks all. Didn't want to waste their time but glad I called now

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Bambamber Sun 26-Aug-18 20:42:10

They won't mind you phoning up to ask, they should triage over the phone and if they don't think it's an emergency they will just tell you to see your vet during normal hours or give advice over the phone. They would rather you phone and it not be an emergency, than not phone and it actually be an emergency

TomHardysNextWife Sun 26-Aug-18 20:33:21

It says online OP that they are suitable for puppies over 16 weeks. They may have got a touch of colitis if their poo is mucusy?

Chimpd0g Sun 26-Aug-18 20:30:57

It says 'urgent emergencies only..?

She has been chewing on a yak's milk chew today and yesterday but she's hardly made a dent in it...?

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TomHardysNextWife Sun 26-Aug-18 20:30:55

I'd phone OOH vet. Puppies can go downhill very quickly. They may have eaten something they shouldn't.

GinIsIn Sun 26-Aug-18 20:28:57

Has the pup had anything unusual to eat? Dairy can cause mucus

Bambamber Sun 26-Aug-18 20:28:50

If you phone the OOH vet line they should be able to advise you whether or not puppy needs to be seen tonight, especially taking into account it's a bank holiday weekend so usual vet may not be around until tuesday


Chimpd0g Sun 26-Aug-18 20:27:30


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Chimpd0g Sun 26-Aug-18 19:46:11

Hi I'm slightly worried about 13 week old puppy. She has done 2 stools now (about 4 hrs apart) that have a grey colour. I had a closer look t the second one and halved it and it seems it's a normal but softer poo than usual, with a mucus like coating. Googling is worrying me but I don't know if it's an emergency? Can it wait til normal vet tomorrow (assuming they are open as it's bank hol..?).

She seems ok in herself, playing and eating as normal although perhaps not AS active as usual?

I have photo if anyone interested!
Thank you

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