Dog can identify dog toys... Even when he's never seen them before.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Thu 23-Aug-18 10:12:07

Can't work out if this is unusual or not!

In essence, DDog can tell what is a dog toy and what isn't, even when that toy is brand new, and he's never had one of that type before. For example, the first time I bought him a kong, it came in a box from Amazon with several other items. I opened up the box on the floor. He stuck his head into the box, ignored all the other items, picked up the kong and walked off with it.

Lots of other examples of this too - ignoring me when I carry many other items but jumping up when a brand new toy appears that I wasn't intending to give him at that second.

At the same time he doesn't ever steal anything that doesn't belong to him - all manner of household items are left within his reach and I don't worry about them. I've only rarely seen him get confused - for instance, he knew a soft toy held by a small relative wasn't his, but when I had to carry the same soft toy he thought it was a dog toy - very understandable as I do buy children's cuddly toys for him to destroy!

It's uncanny how well aware he is of what's going to be his, what's currently his, and what's not a dog toy! Anyone else?

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missbattenburg Thu 23-Aug-18 10:36:33

Yep, same here.

I always put it down to dog toys being made of similar materials (to make them tough) so having similar smells. Coupled with the way I behave when carrying a dog toy (e.g. even if I don't intend to give him the toy right then I wonder of I look at him more often when carrying it because I associate the toy with the dog, ifkwim),

Inthebluemountains Thu 23-Aug-18 10:52:26

Yep, here too. I assumed they put some kind of scent on them but Google claims not.

TheMythicalChicken Thu 23-Aug-18 10:56:48

This reminds me of one of my favourite posts on here. A Mumsnetter’s dog got wrapped presents under the tree every year running up to Christmas. He would stand guard over his presents until Christmas Day when he would rip them all open.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 23-Aug-18 13:08:42

* I always put it down to dog toys being made of similar materials (to make them tough) so having similar smells*

It's probably this. Or it could be that pet accessory suppliers keep stock close to pet treats etc and a bit of their smell is absorbed - dogs' sense of smell is extraordinary.

HomeOfMyOwn Thu 23-Aug-18 14:18:32

Yep. Both of mine too. I have young DC so all sorts of toys about but from the start (as little puppies) they knew which were their dog toys and which were the DC's toys. The only exception is my youngest dog won't take my Daughter's special cuddly if she is carrying it but thinks it's his if it's on the floor (thankfully he's a cocker so likes bringing me "presents" and puts them straight in my hand - no attacking it first).

I've also always thought it must be something to do with the toys absorbing smells from the dog treats that they are presumably often stored with. Then once it's theirs it gets their smell on it, so they know.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Thu 23-Aug-18 15:20:36

And there was me thinking DDog might be unusually good at something 🤦‍♀️grin

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Ylvamoon Thu 23-Aug-18 20:37:38

DDog might be unusually good at reading you!
Some dogs (& other animals do.)
you should read dogs that know when their owners are coming home... by Rupert Sheldrake

Applepudding2018 Fri 24-Aug-18 21:11:21

I was thinking similar yesterday when I bought my dog s new cushion. There is a cushion kept on top of digs basket but he never sits on it, he takes it out of the basket, sucks it and chews it. Yesterday I bought him a new one - different colour and texture to the previous one, I had taken it out of bag and put on table. He reached up and ran off with it, so he could tell it was for him. He has never chewed out cushions.

TooManyPuppies Fri 24-Aug-18 21:58:11

My three dogs are the same. They have A LOT of toys... And I mean a lot. They have 4 large toy boxes around the house and others scattered. They only take toys from their toy boxes and only play with toys that are theirs around the house. They ignore the kids toys in between and don't go for things like shoes etc.

YourVagesty Fri 24-Aug-18 22:09:08

I always buy my dog cuddly toys (he loves them), not dog toys but ones for human children. Every single time, he knows its for him. He'll explode with excitement even as I walk through the door with it in the shopping bag full of other stuff!


Certainly can't explain it as 'pet supply shop smells' as they don't come from those shops/aisles!!

HomeOfMyOwn Sat 25-Aug-18 00:43:22

your you must be doing some sub-conscious body language cues that your dog is 'reading'.

pigsDOfly Sat 25-Aug-18 14:57:43

Yes my dog's the same.

If I buy her a toy she'll stand in front of me all excited and expectant and seems absolutely thrilled by what I'm unpacking.

This excitement last for precisely the length of time it takes her to give the toy a couple of cursory bites, pat it and sniff it a bit and then lose complete interest in it.

I go on buying her toys because I feel mean if I don't, but unless it's a ball or the one beloved, very grubby toy she's had since she was tiny - she's now 7yo - she quickly loses interest. But yes, she does seem to know when a toy is for her.

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