Strange Petlog Query

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Rustyigloo Wed 22-Aug-18 19:28:30

That's what I thought as well. The man had it on the bus so I couldn't see it but it sounded like a normal dog tag with Petlog on it and my husbands phone no. Bit strange.
Thanks for your help!

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threemilesupthreemilesdown Wed 22-Aug-18 19:21:40

I'm not sure what you mean by a Petlog tag? The only Petlog specific tags I can think of are plastic ones given out when the pet is initially chipped or which come in the post when you sign up to Petlog Premium. IIRC they are either small blue squares for Tracer chips or otherwise are plastic clippy ones that click onto a collar D-ring. Neither would have a mobile number on, they just say some variation of 'I am chipped' and an 0844/0870 number.

Rustyigloo Wed 22-Aug-18 19:07:10

OK this might be a strange query but I thought I'd ask anyway.....

My husband has just received a phone call from a man who has found a Petlog ID tag on his bus journey home saying "if lost ring 078*********". This is my husbands phone number.

Now, our dog is registered with Petlog but he's currently asleep on the sofa.

We've never owned a Petlog tag or travelled on a bus for years. The weird thing is that the man on the bus only lives about 6/7 miles away from us. What's that all about then?

I thought that Petlog might have put the wrong phone number on the tag but then is it just a weird coincidence that the man lives so close to us?

Any ideas?

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