How to get a puppy?

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NotSoThinLizzy Wed 22-Aug-18 16:19:18

So in the future at some point when the time is right I would like to get a puppy but when is the right age for kids?

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Wolfiefan Wed 22-Aug-18 16:22:24

I waited until youngest was school age. Puppies require a mad amount of input and attention. They chew everything (including you). And toilet training means don't take your eyes off them.
Do you want a certain breed? If so scope out the breed club or society for info. Never shop online and beware anyone who has puppies available at a moment's notice. Most puppies sold are puppy farmed.
Or rescue.
Good luck.

GrimDamnFanjo Wed 22-Aug-18 16:23:57

It will vary according to child. I personally wouldn't have a puppy with a preschooler. We've just brought our new one home and my youngest is 11 and a good age as she understands about responsibility and helping to look after him. She was 8 when our last dog died but even then would feed and walk him.

NotSoThinLizzy Wed 22-Aug-18 17:03:19

Yes have my eye on a Labrador and I've looked at few breeders....My heart melts 😂 I'm not thinking right now but in a couple years youngest will be 3 then. He dosent seem bothered about dog. His babysitter has two labs and he gets on great with them. I know as he gets older it might be a different story but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it 😊

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pinkandbluestripes Wed 22-Aug-18 17:12:28

We waited until youngest child was 8 and got pup during term time so children at school when settling in.

We got a 6 month old rescue that was already house trained etc so didn't have any of that to do.

Felt like the best time for us. One of us is usually in the house so dog never left alone first few weeks so managed to intervene in any chewing of furniture etc (not much at that age).

Personally, wouldn't have had a new puppy with small children. Hard work!

Wolfiefan Wed 22-Aug-18 18:01:31

I wouldn't have a three year old and a puppy. Think sleepless nights. Peeing in the house and in our case wall chewing. Plus you can't leave them. At all.
Working or show? Working tends to be higher energy. Young labs certainly need a fair bit of stimulation and training.
There will also be a lab specific rescue or several if you're interested in that route.

Ylvamoon Wed 22-Aug-18 18:16:45

If you want a breed puppy, try this quiz to see which type of dog is best suited to your lifestyle:

After that, is start taking to owners and breeders to see what they are like to live with.

In terms of your DC ages, waiting till they are 5+ is probably better for first time owners. Puppies are notoriously nippy and will take up a large chunk of your time and attention.
Also at age 5+ DC are better in understanding and following certain rules in regards to dogs do and don'ts.


TheTimeThief Wed 22-Aug-18 18:20:53

My youngest is starting school this sept. We are bringing our new pup home next weekend. Our old dog died when youngest was about 6mo and we've put off getting a new one until ds is reliably using the loo by himself, can get himself dressed and eats reasonably well and without much mess. He can also walk or scoot a reasonable distance so we will be able to walk the pup.

It's basically like having a baby that never really grows up so think if you're ready for that!

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