Lab puppy coming home at the weekend! What have we forgotten?

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YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 13:49:58

Have crate, big box for the first couple of nights, kongs, chew toys, vet bed, grooming brush. Puppy pads just in case (never used them with our Chi). Puppy treats and big feeding bowls.

We are able to block the kitchen off from the rest of the house if we need to pop out and he REALLY hates the crate. Kids have been warned that if anything’s left out and gets chewed that’s on them (they are teens and 7yo so old enough to be responsible).

Still not sure how ddog1 will be, she’s a chi x and can be v dismissive of other dogs. But will keep them separate other than introductions and then gradually build up. Cat will likely ignore puppy.

Is there anything else you think I’ve missed or haven’t considered? I’m so so excited, probs more than the kids blush and want to get this right.

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Aprilshowersinaugust Wed 22-Aug-18 13:52:00

A name?!

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 13:56:23

Oh we have a name! Monty.

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Feltcushion Wed 22-Aug-18 14:03:09

Something to fence off the garden?

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 14:05:15

Garden is secure, high fences all round. Locked six foot gate.

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Lisabel Wed 22-Aug-18 14:06:04

Make sure the house and garden are pet safe; so check your garden for any poisonous plants, escape-routes onto the road, any sharp items or strings (e.g. to tie branches). Check the house for anything that the pup could reach. Labs tend to eat everything, including non-food items as puppies and can get into serious problems if the items is sharp, very long like or something like a battery.

As a pet owner you probably already know this but remember lots of human food is toxic to dogs so make sure the kids know not to eat grapes or raisins near the puppy as they are toxic even in small quantities; onions and garlic are also slightly toxic, as are dark chocolate, cocoa and macadamia nuts.

I think that's all! Just enjoy Monty's puppyhood. Oh and take out a good Vet insurance policy as despite coming from a great KC breeder our puppy was very unwell in her first year and we've used it loads.

TwitterQueen1 Wed 22-Aug-18 14:06:33

You're not allowed to post threads about puppies or dogs unless you include a photo. It's MN law wink


YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 14:09:55

Thanks Lisabel, that’s great. I think we’ve got all that covered. The food thing will be a learning curve as obvs our tiny dog can’t reach the counters and is v fussy anyway. So I just need to be super vigilant.

Photos as requested.

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madvixen Wed 22-Aug-18 14:13:42

Awwwwwww he's gorgeous. The only think I would add on is puppy toilet training bells. I only discovered these a year ago but they made toilet training so easy. They really were a godsend

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 14:16:04

Ohh I’ve never even heard of them! Off to google.

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lutjanus Wed 22-Aug-18 14:18:48

Too cute!!!

madvixen Wed 22-Aug-18 14:22:29

Here we go. I seriously cannot recommend these enough. Boo was housetrained in 3 days. They're incredible.

Lisabel Wed 22-Aug-18 14:25:36

Typos: items are/item is!

Lisabel Wed 22-Aug-18 14:28:58

Awww he's so cute and tiny! Oh yes toilet training bells are great! we had one too and our Golden got the hang of it really quickly.

I read one review of a toilet bell where the dog actually used the bell to get family members to leave their seats (to open the door for the dog) and then the dog would steal their seats.

I know all dogs are bright but Labs, goldens, GSDs are some of the brightest breeds so do expect lots of clever, naughty behaviour!

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 14:31:23

grin I’m really looking forward to that aspect.

Right, bells are ordered. Thanks you two.

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Aprilshowersinaugust Wed 22-Aug-18 14:42:38

He looks very smug, like he knows it won't be long til he has you all well trained...

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 14:44:41


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MrsMaisel Wed 22-Aug-18 15:32:01

The toilet training bells on amazon have the funniest pictures ever.

Ellapaella Wed 22-Aug-18 17:51:10

Carpet shampoo and a carpet cleaner!

Ellapaella Wed 22-Aug-18 17:51:57

Gorgeous Monty.. he is adorable. My own lab turned 1 yesterday and yours is making me broody!

Ellapaella Wed 22-Aug-18 17:52:45

You won't obviously need carpet shampoo now you have those training bells grin

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 22-Aug-18 19:02:50

True. I’m sure they will work from day one with no messes.


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Flameless Wed 22-Aug-18 19:07:32

Ooh those training bells are brilliant! Our dog's used them for years. And I'm very jealous of you OP, Monty is gorgeous!

IvysMum12 Wed 22-Aug-18 20:06:19

Most importantly, you have forgotten to invite me round!
He is adorable, and lucky to have you.
By the way, I'm going to apply for immediate custody!

MrsMaisel Wed 22-Aug-18 20:29:06

How do you train them to use the bells? I have a 10 week old puppy, if I take him outside and tell him to wee, he does it on command. Do I ring the bell on the way out!? Is there an instructive youtube video he can watch.

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