Taking puppy to vets :(

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pinkunicorn20 Wed 22-Aug-18 08:57:37

My 5 month old staff has been dragging her bum along the ground and pulling herself with front paws. Don't think it's a worm issue as she's up to date with her wormers, vet said to bring her down today as it could be do with anal glands but they can sort it.

Never had this with any previous pets does anyone have experience of this?

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Itsatravesty Wed 22-Aug-18 09:03:25

Lots of dogs have problems with their anal glands and bum scooting is the first sign usually. It's so common most vets have a separate price for anal gland consults! Don't worry, they'll just give them a squeeze to empty them. Some dogs need this doing regularly.

Costacoffeeplease Wed 22-Aug-18 09:07:45

Yes very common and easily sorted. It does whiff a bit when they’re emptied 🤮

BiteyShark Wed 22-Aug-18 09:41:45

Mine has intermittent problems with his. Very common and scooting along the ground is the first sign, the second is the fishy wiff from his backside [boak]

Bananarama12 Wed 22-Aug-18 09:42:43

What do you feed her? Sometimes that can help future problems.

pinkunicorn20 Wed 22-Aug-18 10:14:02

Thanks everyone I've just got back, her right gland needed a squeeze as it was swollen, my little pup didn't even flinch.
Vet is happy with diet, pup is gaining weight nicely and has no issues toileting, evidently it's just one of those things some dogs need doing from time to time.

She did say if she persists with the bum shuffling over the next few days to bring her back.

I could just be imagining it but she seems a bit brighter in herself, hopefully she's fine now smile

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Lynne1Cat Wed 22-Aug-18 10:23:54

Cats can get the same thing. I've had cats for the past 38 years and never knew that until one of mine (not with us any longer, PTS) was walking awkwardly, with her tail hanging down strangely. I thought she had hurt her back (she didn't do the scooting thing). She had to see the vet about it on a few occasions.

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