Corn on paw pad - treating?

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river1 Tue 21-Aug-18 23:28:12

Any experiences? Our 10 month old pointer has one on front paw pad. It doesn’t seem to be painful despite being quite large and vet unconcerned and said it may well drop off (which I don’t think is true?!). Thanks

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slinkysaluki Wed 22-Aug-18 07:50:27

Corns are very difficult to get rid of. My greyhound had recurring ones after having them hulled (cut out) tidy regrew so in the end I had the tie removed. Drastic yes but she could hardly walk with the pain.

If it's a new corn
It might be easily removed and will stay away. My girl was an ex racer corns are so common in the breed

You could try a human verucca remover, that actually what they are.

slinkysaluki Wed 22-Aug-18 07:51:26

Sorry for typos hmm

river1 Wed 22-Aug-18 23:19:18

Thanks a lot. I actually started with Bazuka last night and am also using heel cream we had in between to soften the skin.
So if they are like verucas are they viral ?

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slinkysaluki Wed 22-Aug-18 23:40:06

I would think so if they kept reoccurring, bastard things they are to get rid of. Hope you manage to get rid of it, if it's a small newish one you may be successful.

My greyhound had quite a few but one big old one which was the problem. Like verticals they have s seed or a core that needs removing or they just regrow. As I said, in the end I had the toe removed after various hulling treatments which were unsuccessful. Let me know how you get on x

slinkysaluki Wed 22-Aug-18 23:41:28

You could also try Manuka honey and coconut oil x

river1 Thu 23-Aug-18 07:05:11

Thank you x

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river1 Mon 27-Aug-18 20:33:12

Can I just check - when your greyhound had corns did she react when you pressed on it? We are trying to work out of it is possible cause of lameness issues - always worst on tarmac but no reaction when you press it hard which makes no sense? Thanks

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CitrusFruit9 Mon 27-Aug-18 20:48:24

One of my dogs has a recurring corn. Had it removed under GA but it grows back. I think they are viral yes.

She is not that young now so we have decided no more treatments unless she is clearly in agony. She isn't, she sometime hobbles a bit on hard ground but is always ready to run and we try and walk her on grass as much as possible which is always fine.

She frequently chooses to walk on a hard surface rather than grass when off the lead so my view is that whilst she feels it, the corn does not bother her that much.

She does not flinch at all when the corn is pressed.

river1 Mon 27-Aug-18 20:59:22

Thank you Citrus Friit - that is interesting re no reaction when pressed . We’ve had varying degrees front leg lameness for 2 months which resulted in full front legs X-rays to check for developmental joint issues - X-rays clear and we are assuming something more like ligament. He’s been restricted in lead for month now bit today has been a bit iffy in road😪. He’s a v high energy dog and it’s a nightmare! I noticed a lump on paw pad and vet dismissed it as not impt as he showed no pain when pressed. Next they will be pushing for referral for ct scan😳. I want to be sure it’s not paw (although he has got lamer after times when running around like a lunatic).

Do you understand why they don’t react to it being pressed ?

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slinkysaluki Tue 28-Aug-18 14:35:42

Actually my girl did react she'd Yelp but hers was big. If you moisten the pad you should be able to see it.

You can get boots for them
Which makes it easier for them
To walk. She was gone on soft surfaces but wouldn't walk on anything remotely rough

slinkysaluki Tue 28-Aug-18 14:36:18

Wouldn't walk sorry not gone 🙄

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