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Dog towel/bag recommendations please!

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toptomatoes Mon 20-Aug-18 22:00:35

So, this will be our second winter with a mud magnet Springer Spaniel. Any recommendations for a towel/bag solution to help contain the mud in the car would be greatly appreciated!

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missbattenburg Tue 21-Aug-18 08:50:57

Battendog is a springer so I know only too well the mud problem grin.

He goes in the boot of the car where there is a rubber liner (with a lip) topped with some vet bed. Vet bed is very easily to clean and tends to absorb much of the muck. If he is very dirty I lay a few microfibre towels down as well. MF towles are so light and easy to clean and very absorbant.

It's not a magical solution, but it does help.

BiteyShark Tue 21-Aug-18 09:07:29

I have a micro fibre towel in the car which is used on him before he travels home. He then travels on the back seat but I have a waterproof cover which is like a hammock that goes over the back and front head rests. I find the mud then dries and I just brush it out of the car in between journeys.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 21-Aug-18 09:13:37

these are great made by a lady who owns Spaniels so designed with them in mind

I use equafleeces pop them on after a walk and dry the dog while the dog rests. Hotter dog are similar and a bit cheaper

I don't like the bags that prevent the dog from walking but that is just my opinion

SmartyPants0 Tue 21-Aug-18 09:18:29

We have the same back seat hammock as you biteyshark... it's fab isn't it, do you use a harness and secure him using the seat belt clip as well.
Our dog has a cagoule to wear for when it's really muddy/wet

BiteyShark Tue 21-Aug-18 09:21:25

SmartyPants0 yes we use a harness and seatbelt clip. I used to have him in the boot with a boot guard but was always scared of being rear ended in a collision so feel much happier with him on the back seat and he just sleeps as soon as we set off smile

SmartyPants0 Tue 21-Aug-18 09:26:43

I know what you mean... our dog had loads of room in the boot and looked really comfy in there but we saw a bad car crash and the boot was all crushed in... we do a lot of motorway driving so changed to using the back seat. We use the seat belt clip as well 🐕

toptomatoes Tue 21-Aug-18 12:53:10

Thanks all! She likes to sit in the back footwell rather than on the seat so I think a blanket on the floor and an equafleece type thing might be our best solution.

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LimeJellyHead Mon 27-Aug-18 15:14:27

My terrier wears one of these Hand made by a seamstress in Scotland. Mostly he wears it in the car and by the time we get home he is dry. Also good after a bath.

reup Mon 27-Aug-18 15:23:40

My cocker spaniel didn’t get on with a bag so we got one of these instead - more for after baths than mud.

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