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maddiie Mon 20-Aug-18 11:46:53

It's become a game lately for my puppy to run away from us. We'd pretty much cracked toilet training - when he started circling we'd plonk him outside and he'd go, and he'd started holding it all night and waiting to be put out in the morning. The last 3 days when he starts circling, when we try and get him to go outside, he will start running away and barking playfully, tail wagging. We are trying to not chase after him and encourage it, but when we don't he will just do his business all over the carpet and when we try and get him to put him in his crate or outside after doing so he will continue to run away from us. He won't stop until he's caught. If we don't run and catch him he will just keep running away and doing things he knows we don't like, like chewing things he shouldn't, peeing or pooing, eating things.. it's exhausting and I don't know how to resolve it but also can't keep ignoring it and letting him run riot just to encourage it as he's destroying the house with this game.

He was hurt last week and we aren't allowed to take him out for 2 weeks, so he isn't being walked, I'm praying hoping that this is just a result of his energy he's not really able to use up, being a spaniel and all.. but in two weeks time this could be a set habit for him and my house can't take it. Neither can my patience.

Advice please.

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BiteyShark Mon 20-Aug-18 11:57:12

I would keep a trailing line/lead on him so if he runs away you can stamp on it and then grab hold of him.

Also have you trained the beginnings of recall so when you call him he always gets a nice tasty treat. Then you have a better chance of him coming when you call.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Mon 20-Aug-18 11:57:13

I just love puppies! Life is just a game grin

Th best way is prevention so if you can have a long house lead on your puppy you can get the lead. Also restrict the area that the puppy can go into.

DO NOT Chase as you have already found out this is the best game ever grin.

Run away from him with a treat in your hand and making a high pitched squealy noise or calling pup pup puppy in a high pitched voice, when he gets to you dart in another direction. he is still have the chase but you are controlling it. Give him the treat when you get him to where you need him to be.

Do not use his name as this can bugger up recall.

What breed is he? You could also use toys, fluffy if a terrier or gundog a squeaky ball etc. But just make sure you are running away from him

Good luck and enjoy this phase will pass so quickly

Cath2907 Mon 20-Aug-18 14:40:44

Puppies are SO annoying aren't they! However I can't help but grin at imagining you chasing a puppy round your house as he has the time of his life and piddles all over the place. Mine is 8 months old and mostly doesn't do this now. He used to be a sod for the running away. I agree that not chasing is really important.

missbattenburg Mon 20-Aug-18 14:50:53

Another person here giggling because she remembers her own puppy doing this. He grew out of it too (mostly - every now and again he tries it just to see). So annoying and so funny.

Valhala's advice is rock solid. They learn so much quicker when everything is a game.

Aprilshowersinaugust Mon 20-Aug-18 14:55:31

No pic no advice.
Thems the rules.

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