Training dog to sleep in a different place

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CaptainHarville Sun 19-Aug-18 22:50:42

We have two small dogs both 6 years old. They have always slept in the kitchen. We would now like them to sleep in a different room but the little beggars won't settle. So if they were asleep in the kitchen and I went in say for a glass of water they would barely stir. But if I so much as open the door to this new room they're trying to get out to the kitchen. Its a nicer, warmer room with comfortable furniture to sleep on but they seem desperate for their bed in the kitchen. The bed itself is nothing special as they frequently destroy their beds. Any ideas or is it just a case of persevering?

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dementedpixie Mon 20-Aug-18 07:50:52

Any particular reason why you want them to change sleeping area?

geekone Mon 20-Aug-18 08:20:28

I don’t think dogs want to be warmer. I know mine prefers the the colder kitchen even to relax in. Sometimes he even goes for a snooze outside on the grass if it’s too warm in the house.
Do you really need to move them?

colditz Mon 20-Aug-18 09:12:59

Ahh leave them be, why does it matter?

adaline Mon 20-Aug-18 10:10:05

Does it matter if they want to sleep in the kitchen?

I mean, you've not given a reason why you want them to sleep elsewhere after all this time?

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