What bones/long lasting treats for pup

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Lau123lau Sun 19-Aug-18 09:28:48

My puppy is 10 week so old and raw fed. I’ve seen various dehydrated treats such as chicken feet/tracheas etc but not sure whether he is old enough for these. I’m wondering what I can give him in his crate while I nip out to keep him occupied. He has a kong but he doesnt bother with it and I’m not sure about leaving raw bones in the crate (plus last time he had a duck wing he tried to swallow the whole thing in one).

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Lucisky Sun 19-Aug-18 11:09:17

Mine has always been fond of her piece of antler, has lasted for ages and is still a preferred chew item. Before that it was the edge of the hearth, but I could stand the noise of her teeth grating on the limestone!

mangocoveredlamb Sun 19-Aug-18 11:10:32

Another vote for antlers, last for ages and ages and don’t smell!

yetwig Mon 20-Aug-18 19:46:43

Raw chicken feet are great, my pup loves them, checken necks and chicken wings, i just hold the end so they can swallow it hole.

adaline Mon 20-Aug-18 20:25:31

Antlers, stuffed frozen kongs, pigs/goats ears, tripe and duck/goose neck goes down well here though none of them last particularly long with our beagle (with the exception of the antler and the frozen chews).

He also chews on his tuggy sometimes.

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