Puppy will only pee in garden

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Chimpd0g Sat 18-Aug-18 19:10:52

12 week old puppy doing amazingly well, hardly any accidents in house and pees in back garden. Been out about 4 times and she holds it in and as soon as we get home she pees/poos in the back garden. Bless her, but we went out for lunch the other day and she held it in for 2 hours.

How can we make her understand that it's ok to pee in the park?

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BiteyShark Sat 18-Aug-18 19:14:43

Do you use a command to pee in the garden. If not then start using one. Then when she associates that command with peeing use it when you are out and praise her when she finally goes.

Harrypotterfan1604 Sat 18-Aug-18 19:21:41

You could try a walk as soon as you get up in the morning when she is desperate for a wee. Doesn’t have to be a big walk just enough to get her to do one, use a conmand word I use wee wee. Lots of praise and attention when she finally does it

thegirlsallgrowedupnow Sat 18-Aug-18 19:23:04

Am just about to cross post with Bitey. We used busy girl, you feel you will always have to use treats but gradually phase them out and they seem to find their rhythm. Our girl goes in the garden first thing, then on walks, occasionally at lunchtime and then in the garden again last thing. Some have stronger bladders than others but it sounds as if you are off to a flying start. 😁

Chimpd0g Sat 18-Aug-18 19:27:39

We did start out saying 'toilet' when she went but stopped because she got it. Will start using it again to see if it works,
thank you

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missbattenburg Sat 18-Aug-18 20:30:56

Mine was like this - took ages before his first walk-pee and even longer before he pooped on a walk.

It came in time, by itself.

Jenny70 Mon 20-Aug-18 15:31:46

Ours was the same, eventually she learned to go in the park, and now she spends half her time scenting the park!

And it was cute when she raced outside to pee as soon as we got home.


argentino Mon 20-Aug-18 23:27:04

According to our trainer, that's normal. We were told our boy held his pee/poo due to being scared. It's no longer a thing, my boy now loves to poop for an audience (to cause maximum embarrassment I'm sure) grin

lovelovelovepancakes Tue 21-Aug-18 16:18:51

My dog didn't pee or poop on walks and now at 7 he always goes twice 😆 no special word or anything he just started doing it on his own. My pup is the same so I'm not worried.

Chimpd0g Tue 21-Aug-18 17:37:31

She did a poo in he park today!! So proud 🤣

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