My dog is made up entirely of bladder.

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DeadButDelicious Fri 17-Aug-18 23:25:50

She's a pug (adopted as an adult before anyone jumps on me, I agree that pugs are in a terrible state, ok? I know, I don't need a lecture) who are notorious for their bucket bladder tendencies.

Pretty much if the weather is even slightly inclement then pugchops will refuse to do her business. My previous much loved rescue pug was exactly the same. Pee strike is very much a thing.

If anyone has any hints or tips it would be much appreciated! Or if your dog is made up entirely of bladder too and you just want to commiserate with someone who understands the struggle then come on in! We can stand in our gardens for what feels like hours while they stare at you like you are the worst person in the world for daring to suggest that they pee on wet grass together!

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