Small three legged dog with more leg problems!

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FuckitAndStartAgain Fri 17-Aug-18 19:17:50

Poppy is three years old and was born missing a front leg. Do not know what she is (rescue that came with an odd story, perhaps including puppy farm style breeder). Suspect some Tibetan and cavie in there, she is tiny, about 5.5kgs. She has always been very active but developed an extra, sort of, limp from back legs so went to the Vets. Both back legs stiff, some arthritis already in front elbow. Both patellars very loose. Advised to give ten weeks worth of Metacom and nutrition +. She seems more settled so have not yet gone back, next stage would be sedation and X Rays. Ovisoulsy we are hoping it is an injury at this stage but her recovery would be slow due to being unable to reduce weight bearing on affected leg. I really can’t tell which leg it is and she is very stoic on examination making it harder to know. Also trying to get her skinnier and stopped letting her run around the woods like a loon. We have always been careful with exercise anyway and she is used to about alternate day walks although not happy she remains on a lead! She is insured, and after shopping around when we got her her front leg is also fully covered (some pet insurance did not want to do this). Previous dog treated at Fitzpatrick’s so may consider going there but there is also an excellent orthopaedic practice more locally with a good reputation and lower infection rate. I think I am one of the few people who do not especially rate his state of the art Vet hosp very highly having known him since he was operating out of an old ill equipped house as a young Vet. Undoubtedly a very talented surgeon though so would return.

The nutriquin + is expensive and vet only, I wondered if there is a more reasonably priced alternative as insurance will not cover supplements? We will also be trying to give her half a capsule next week when she drops to maintenance dose. Hydro is an option for the future as I am concerned about her losing muscle mass. She has a slightly sensitive tummy, as do many little dogs I am told and is on a high protein no grain diet. At the moment she is not on any type of oil supplement.

The thought of having surgery on one or both back legs given she is missing a front leg is dreadful! Goodness knows how we would manage. She has not been used to a crate at all.

Just wanted any advice/stores about similar really.

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HomeOfMyOwn Fri 17-Aug-18 19:46:56

My sympathies. She's so young for this already poor girl.

Might be worth trying because they are for owners of tri-paw dogs, there should be a few others there who have had issues with other leg joints.

My Bro has always worried about this happening with his tri-paw rescue dog - touching wood and fingers crossed she has been ok so far.

FuckitAndStartAgain Fri 17-Aug-18 23:07:24

Thank you. A forum worth exploring

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LimeJellyHead Mon 27-Aug-18 15:20:33

Awwww, bless her.

I don't have much to say that helps but so you feel less alone, here is our GSD Zena. She had her front leg and shoulder amputated after neglect from her previous owner.

Last Saturday she injured her remaining front leg on sharp rocks at the beach and had to have 3 stitches. Here she is, lapping up all the attention, and rightly so, lol.

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