Thinking of a Hungarian Vizsla for dog number 2. Any experiences/opinions?

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JasmineBuckles Thu 16-Aug-18 17:28:14

I’ve already got a Border Terrier, she’s 12 but in good shape, not frail or elderly. She gets on fine with others. Still managed 4-5 hour walks and bounces out of bed the next day.

The dog comes to work with me, and I’ve got lots of time and places to walk them. Where I live has a 4 acre dog proof garden which we share with two Rottweilers and two terriers. The owners of the other dogs are my default dog sitters if I go away, and I’m theirs.

I’d like a trainable breed that I could potentially take beating and that would stand up to long walks eventually.

I’ve spotted a breeder I like that publishes all the trlavent health testd for each mating on their website, and they might have a litter in July 2019.
Any personal experiences?

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