Reggies breathing rate?!

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DogsandKids94 Wed 15-Aug-18 22:45:39

First post on here..

I have an 11 month old cocker spaniel called Reggie, I've had him since he was 10 weeks and anybody who knows me knows he is my world! In the past few weeks I have noticed his breathing rate has increased, approx around 1 breath per second now. He doesn't seem in any discomfort and is his usual active and happy self? I know this is above the normal rate so considering taking him to the vet (although I am currently in the process of finding a new vet as others seemed to be only about the money and not the well-being of the animals they were caring for). Has anyone else experienced this with their dog?

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Patchworksack Wed 15-Aug-18 22:51:27

I'm a vet. That's at least twice the normal resting respiratory rate. Please take him first thing tomorrow, don't give him breakfast as he may need tests. We lost a 1yr old dog on Monday to lungworm infection - totally preventable, totally treatable had the owner not waited too long. sad

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