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aquamarine2 Tue 14-Aug-18 12:49:33

does anyone have any thoughts on use of Bravecto? I have used it for couple of years on my old collie cross with no side effects but new collie has only had one dose. I have read some awful stories today re Bravecto side effects and am a little worried.

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Elphame Tue 14-Aug-18 14:18:35

My terrier was very ill 2 days after his first and last dose of the stuff. I was really afraid I was going to lose him from liver and kidney failure

villainousbroodmare Tue 14-Aug-18 14:24:17

I'm a vet. I live in South Africa where tick borne disease is very common and frequently fatal. We use a lot of Bravecto. My own dog has been on it for years. The only side effect I've ever seen is occasional mild nausea on the day it's administered. It has saved so many lives. It is so widely used that if there was a genuine issue with it, we would know.

GooodMythicalMorning Tue 14-Aug-18 14:29:24

If no side effects id keep using it. My dogs on it. Only heard of this on mn after he'd been on it a long while. Each dog is different though.

missbattenburg Tue 14-Aug-18 20:35:29

Why do I think collies are a different matter with Bravecto than other breeds? Can't quite remeber so off to google but thought I'd mention it in case it jogged anyone else?

threemilesupthreemilesdown Tue 14-Aug-18 21:29:14

MDR1 gene mutation missbattenburg - though 'collie' in the literature is most often the American usage and referring to rough/smooth collies, I think the incidence in border collies is low by comparison.

missbattenburg Tue 14-Aug-18 22:22:43

Ah, thank you threemiles - that was what I was thinking of.


noitsnotteatimeyet Wed 15-Aug-18 10:14:52

Bravecto is fine for mdr1 collies - we have a smooth collie pup and they’re virtually all affected by the mutation so we’ve been checking carefully. She can’t have nexgard spectra as the additional worming ingredient included isn’t apparently safe for collies but bravecto isn’t a problem

Tinkobell Wed 15-Aug-18 20:31:52

We live on the edge of woodland in Surrey in a high tick / lymes area. Ticks sit in our lawn, we get bites year round. Dog used to get many ticks and ticks then crawl in the house. Whole family bitten at some point. Bravecto has been a game changer for us. The toxin must work quickly because we've not even seen ticks on the dog since using it. We've a 5 month old Cockapoo pup, she's had two Bravecto chews in her so far short life.....second one given today actually. No side effects here. No ticks either. The tick bites used to make my old dog sick for a few days Post removal......they must have so much rotten bacteria.

LimeJellyHead Mon 27-Aug-18 15:23:30

Does this help?

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