Pug and nail trimming

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cleowasmycat Mon 13-Aug-18 20:06:22


My pug goes nuts when I go anywhere near his feet. There is no way I can trim them easily. It took 2 groomers and myself last time. Any advice? I don't want to have to sedate him if I don't need too. Even tried the holes in a bag trick to restrain him, still escaped.

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BiteyShark Mon 13-Aug-18 20:09:01

Have you tried the vets? Mine do a nurse appointment for things like nail clipping.

My dog is not keen on anyone touching his paws but they have a great ability to hold and trim them with ease.

pugalugs90 Mon 13-Aug-18 20:13:15

Might sound ridiculous but have you tried just walking on concrete rather than grass? Vet told me it's like a giant emery board for them. Although it's not gonna help with that annoying hang nail they have. Good luck! I get the clippers out the drawer and she genuinely screams. I've only ever managed to clip one nail didn't draw any blood so why she's so freaked out I'll never know.

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