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Springer spaniel owners

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ASpringerEspanya Sun 12-Aug-18 17:51:33

Am getting my girl in 2 weeks.

Spam with with advice, tips, what to buy (what I don't need to buy) and most importantly photos grin

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missbattenburg Sun 12-Aug-18 20:06:14

Battendog is a springer (good choice!).

Hide your shoes and socks (or lose them).

Get plenty of different textured toys for her to chew.

Not needed for a young puppy but a good o/s map showing all the public footpaths plus a few pairs of sturdy walking shoes are going to be necessary when she is older.

Good dog towels because springers are muck magnets - I like microfibre ones because they clean and dry so easily.

Repaint your hallway now with washable paint. Trust me on this. It's just easier.

A good floor mop or steam cleaner ready for winter (iRobot do a robotic one, if that's your thing).

A robust hoover that's easy to use daily.

A good selection of brushes for inevitable grooming.

Good anti-bac handwash for drooly hands.

Tennis balls.

Pic attached smile

DownAndUnder Mon 13-Aug-18 22:15:34

Lots of toys to chew, grooming stuff, a good hoover, several good mops, lots of bedding and towels and training classes smile

StandardPoodle Tue 14-Aug-18 19:39:24

missbattenbug has covered about all the main things I can think of (we have a rescue girl whose mum was a springer).
They can be ball obsessive so lots of dog-suitable balls.
Twice as many dog towels as you think you need.
A good pair of wellies. She will want to go a walk in all weathers, and along the wettest, muddiest paths.
And from bitter experience - shampoo to remove the fox poo she'll roll in.............
Congratulations on a lovely choice though - they're great dogs.

StandardPoodle Tue 14-Aug-18 19:41:17

aaargh, sorry for typo in your username missbattenburg

missbattenburg Tue 14-Aug-18 20:31:17

I like missbattenbug much better grin

TomHardysNextWife Tue 14-Aug-18 20:39:29

Working cocker owner here. Agree with advice above grin.

Buy a good supply of Animology fox poo shampoo. We use around a tube a fortnight hmm. Tennis balls or squeaky toys are far better rewards for good behaviour/recall than food. Buy a harness like Ruffwear as it gives you better control than a collar. A long training line (not a retractable one though) is brilliant for the naughty teenage phase (around 9 months to 2 years). A good whistle (Acme) and some training books like Total Recall by Pippa Mattinson.

A never ending supply of towels is a must; and all weather walking gear. I've got a Jack Wolfskin coat that is toasty warm and waterproof, waterproof trousers and Aigle wellies. That way, I can throw my wet stuff off outside the back door, am dry underneath and can then deal with the wet dog before he shakes all over the kitchen.

This is my boy. He's the best thing I've ever bought myself and I absolutely adore him.

missbattenburg Tue 14-Aug-18 20:40:46

Have a good read of

BiteyShark Tue 14-Aug-18 20:51:22

missbattenburg cocker here not springer but yes that link is so true. When I stopped walking my cocker like a normal dog praying that he wouldn't hunt and chase a deer for miles and started working with him he stopped being a nightmare.

OP do please read the article missbattenburg linked to and investigate working spaniel traits and gundog training.

Babyroobs Tue 14-Aug-18 21:13:19

My cocker boy is very similar to the one pictured above. He has a thing for socks and swallows them whole ( he vomited one on the lawn this morning). He's not too bad for rolling - my cocakpaoo has rolled in fox poo this morning. she is worse for it. He has a lovely temperament and I adore him but he is a handful.

TomHardysNextWife Tue 14-Aug-18 23:08:13

Blimey I'd never have got mine if I'd read that article!! grin

It's the first year that is so important OP when it comes to training, and never think you've cracked it as it is ongoing. We had a labrador before, and I often miss walking with a dog you can see.................. she never left our heels. This one has a bell attached to his collar so you can roughly work out what hedge he's in......... grin

UrsulaPandress Tue 14-Aug-18 23:11:05

Prepare to cry. A lot.

And then love. A lot.

And then feel really sad when you have taken them to the beach and realised they are nearly 11 and don't play like they used to.

And then just love. A lot.

secre Tue 14-Aug-18 23:17:02

How to put this nicely.. they are err lively. I would not be able to cope with having one but good luck!

WhatALump Tue 14-Aug-18 23:27:11

Be prepared to buy more tennis balls than Wimbledon. Seriously. Our boy sleeps with his balls because he can’t bear to be part d from them. Chuckit balls and nerf hydrosport balls are so far indestructible to our springer so worth the slightly higher price.
Also be prepared to smell like wet dog. Our boy is happiest in the paddling pool, river, lake, sea. Any body of water and he’s there.

ASpringerEspanya Wed 15-Aug-18 11:12:15

I think I may have made a mistake sad

What if I can't cope with her. Am seriously considering calling the breeder and telling her I can't have her.


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BiteyShark Wed 15-Aug-18 11:16:28

What do you think you have made a mistake with ASpringerEspanya?

All breeds have their cons but it's working out which suit you the best. My cocker was really hard work for the first year but the best thing I ever did was to get him.

If we know what bits you are worried about then it might help to see how others have found them.

mrsbob Wed 15-Aug-18 11:21:00

I think our springer might be faulty 😂😂 she isn't interested in balls and as long as she gets a 1- 2 hour walk every day she is happy to just chill out!! She can be a bit of a Velcro dog and tries to squeeze in next to you wherever you are - including the loo but she is really loving. She was pretty easy to train but I've only ever had springers so don't know any different. With a bit of effort they are the most loving dogs ever 🐶🐶

ASpringerEspanya Wed 15-Aug-18 11:22:06

I have depression and am over weight (only by 4 stone it's not like I have mobility issues) and I wanted a dog I could walk a lot.
I don't know. Just hearing they're crazy so often is scary

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BiteyShark Wed 15-Aug-18 11:31:03

To be honest my cocker is a real hunter which means long lazy walks are out of the question as he will go hunting in the forest on his own if I don't 'work with him' which is what you don't want. I have to hide or throw balls for him to stick around and then he has this habit of circling me until I do so. At the gun dog training I did they trained the cockers and springers together and we were the unruly lot (those that had bought them as pets) as the other gundogs seemed so much calmer in comparison grin. It was always 'fun' when a bird landed near all the spaniels hmm

The issue is that you could get a really chilled one or one that is like a box of frogs as although they will have their breeds traits all dogs are individual.

ASpringerEspanya Wed 15-Aug-18 11:34:19

I've booked puppy training classes but they are just normal ones.
I feel like I didnt do enough research now :/

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RepealRepealRepeal Wed 15-Aug-18 11:42:11

The thing about spaniels is that it takes them a little while to find their brains. When they do, the chewed remotes, the snatched dinners, the muck, it's all worth it.

They tend to think with their stomachs so treat rewards can work brilliantly. They're really quite sociable so puppy classes are a great idea. They can be prone to ear infections, so I spent hours getting mine used to me moving his ears around in strange directions. There is special spaniel bowls that are designed to keep their ears out, but he just broke his.

They are working dogs, so they do need to think they're working.

What was it that attracted you to the breed?

Springersrock Wed 15-Aug-18 11:43:07

I have a springer.

We’re now at the end of the road (he has some health issues) and looking back, he was a bit lively, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I adore the bones of him and will miss him dreadfully.

The first year was the hardest, from about 9 months to a year I think I (jokingly) threatened Battersea at least 10 times a day, but we were firm and consistent and got there in the end - we’ve had to keep on top of training as even now he begs if he think you’ll give him some of your dinner

Lots and lots of exercise - he loves swimming especially. We live by the sea fortunately so we head to the beach most days

He is ball obsessed - He can peel a tennis ball in 30 seconds. I buy bags of 2nd hand ones from eBay.

I’d definitely have another springer - he’s just been the most amazing family dog.

And they’re not all lively - my friend refers to hers as a Sprunger as it’s so calm and placid

BiteyShark Wed 15-Aug-18 11:43:13

Don't panic just yet. I think cockers and springers are lovely spaniels and they are so loving and can make really good pets.

Maybe have a bit more of a read or try and speak to some owners. You will always find spaniels about walking so maybe go for a walk around where people go dog walking and ask them about their dog.

Springersrock Wed 15-Aug-18 11:52:24

Definitely constant training is the key with them.

We worked and worked on recall and thought we’d cracked it. Then I was out walking him before picking DD up from school and the little bugger refused to come back. I remember standing in this field, jabbing my finger at him shouting ‘go on then, you can fuck off’ while he stood just out of reach. We rented an enclosed field and went back to basics.

He never destroyed anything serious - a few soft toys and an expensive pair of my boots, but no furniture or doors or anything like that

Springersrock Wed 15-Aug-18 12:00:45

Oh, and here’s my best boy

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