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Helen561 Sat 21-Jul-18 08:14:44

Hi this may be a long post I have posted on other forums
I don’t really want to give much away about my experience incase for some reason it gets back to the breeder. I know this is a long shot but has anyone had any bad experiences with a breeder on the Suffolk/Norfolk border? I can’t be the only one who has had a terrible experience going by the volume of puppy’s that are being produced.This breeder breeds roughly 8 different breeds of dogs they use a different mobile number for them and put up fake names and locations. I’ve tried reporting them as some of the mothers are covered in scars and it’s just lies after lies tho no one seems to care. I’m not sure where I could look to see if anyone else is complaining about the same person but I don’t want to give up on this and have more families go through what I did. If any one has had a bad experience in that area and would like to tell me I would probably be able to work out if it’s the same people

Thank you

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user1955 Sat 21-Jul-18 10:33:09

Have pm-ed you.

Helen561 Sat 21-Jul-18 10:47:37

I’ve replied

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Ylvamoon Sat 21-Jul-18 11:01:31

No help, but thank you for raising awareness about this particular puppy farm!

doingwhatican Sat 21-Jul-18 16:25:39

Have you tried tipping off your local paper or indeed tv news? It will get the attention of local authorities. And they need good stories in the summer.

Helen561 Sat 21-Jul-18 16:49:20

That has been on my mind in doing so tho I just wanted to see if I could somehow locate anyone else who had been through it and see if we could sort of stick together so to speak

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Helen561 Sat 26-Jan-19 17:44:48

Just posting to bump thread and see if anyone new spots it smile

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StarbucksSmarterSister Sat 26-Jan-19 18:13:21

Look on Facebook for a group called Cariad. They are very hot on this subject and may well be able to help. If it's a puppy farm, they will probably know.

Myranium Sat 26-Jan-19 18:29:44

I agree with checking out Cariad, they may well know of the breeder if others have had issues. There's a page on their site with guidance for complaining or reporting puppy farmers here. There might be options on there you've not tried.

It might also be worth checking out this page. It's a list of licensed breeders in the East of England area. It's a bit out of date (plus given the multiple phone numbers and supplying of fake details there's every chance they've never been licensed) but still worth a look in case any of the breeds/locations tally up.

Helen561 Sat 26-Jan-19 18:53:48

Thank you
I’ll write to them looking in list they are not on it I did report them to local council who told me they are now licensed but they never Have never appeared on their list. Looking at the link you sent me it is crazy people are licensed for up to 40 breeding bitches !!

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Myranium Sat 26-Jan-19 18:57:24

Looking at the link you sent me it is crazy people are licensed for up to 40 breeding bitches !!

Sadly that's nothing, some of the licensed breeders in Wales have got in the region of 150 sad

Helen561 Sat 26-Jan-19 19:41:28

I have no idea how kennel club and councils and all other organisations think that’s acceptable and they wonder why there’s a massive problem. I had to explain and teach my 3 year old about death they where best friends to break families hearts and put poor puppies through it as well is horrendous

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Maelstrop Sat 26-Jan-19 20:30:03

Is this the idiot who runs a boarding facility nd uses cutomers’ dogs-unknown to the owners-as studs? Produces really weird crosses and has bitches that look like weird bulldog hybrids? There was a lot of talk on Pet forums about him a couple of years ago and he kept popping up like an idiotic jack in the box to show us the weird crosses he was selling. Your best bet is probably the council.

Ylvamoon Sat 26-Jan-19 23:17:50

Looking at the link you sent me it is crazy people are licensed for up to 40 breeding bitches !!

Sadly the new licencing laws will kill off the small breeders, that breed for type and temperament. The requirements for a licence varies greatly, but some councils discourage home breeding. Think separate waste disposal, sterile rooms with tiled walls and floors, separate food prep areas - this does not sound like a average home.
Puppy farms will be on the rise to meet demand.

Smotheroffive Sat 26-Jan-19 23:49:12

Kennel club and councils made bad bad decisions, yet again.

So glad you are pursuing this OP. Wish I could help,no experience of it, but am so glad it's profile is raised everywhere and anywhere.

Good luck.

Helen561 Sun 27-Jan-19 20:05:59

I will Keep plugging away at this until the person is stopped at this rate it will take me a few years but I won’t give up! I’m nit sure if the rspca would be more help if I personally went there with my folder and showed them photos of puppies with weeping eyes others with bowed legs turned out toes if I showed them my 41 page vets report and the photos of my dog with bright red blood trickling out of bottom

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confusednorthner Sun 27-Jan-19 20:12:51

I've a horrible feeling this is near me😕 think they were on watchdog a few years ago. Terrible set up!

Smotheroffive Mon 28-Jan-19 18:39:10

God this is awful and upsetting. Poor little babies; the vile scum respnsible need roasting!

You have enough evidence to get them shut down for a long time...if the RSPCA inspector documentaries are anything to go by.

Helen561 Sat 27-Apr-19 14:29:32

I have found someone who went through the same as me finally!! there has to be more just posting to bring the tread back to life.

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nrpmum Sat 27-Apr-19 14:55:16

I hope you find more to get them shut down. Vile people.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 27-Apr-19 20:59:38

Sadly the new licencing laws will kill off the small breeders, that breed for type and temperament. The requirements for a licence varies greatly, but some councils discourage home breeding.
I'm wondering how these new rules are panning out. Not every home breeder is going to do a good job, but a good home breeder can be excellent, and even an 'okay' home breeder is going to be better than a puppy farm.

OP, I hope you get somewhere. RSPCA in my (limited) experience of them no bloody use at all.

Cbelle87 Wed 26-Jun-19 18:18:51

Hi Helen. Is this the one that was in the news yesterday. If so we bought our pup from there in feb 18. Wondering if you had the same experience?

Helen561 Fri 02-Aug-19 19:54:46

Just bumping this thread

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Dontgiveamonkeys1350 Sat 03-Aug-19 13:09:37

I’m In Suffolk. Can u tell whereabouts it is?

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