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Dog fostering charities

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Starfishandcoffee39 Fri 20-Jul-18 12:02:43

Hi, after some advice please. My family and I have been thinking about adopting a rescue dog for some years now, we thought it best to wait until kids were older (now 9 and 6) and we are now in a position to start looking. However, I am aware of what a huge responsibility it will be and read that some removing charities let you foster dogs . I think we should do that first to make sure we are the right people for a rescue dog. Can anyone recommend a charity which runs a fostering scheme? And that will match us up carefully to the right breed-we don't have a particular breed in mind but need one good with kids. We have a large enclosed garden and I am home much of the day. Thanks in advance.

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user1488204592 Fri 20-Jul-18 12:07:25

Great idea!

They all do- fosterers are very much in need!

I don't know one charity that isn't looking for fosterers. I am a fosterer (failed once, i.e. she was my ideal dog and wasn't going anywhere- currently sprawled on my floor!) and successfully fostered two others who have gone on to have lovely lives. So worthwhile OP!

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