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Any Vets around?

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Veterinari Sat 21-Jul-18 00:49:00

I’m unsure as to why you’re so keen to look elsewhere?
From the info you’ve given, your vets have gone a good job and retesting in a month Is a sensible idea. Yes you could move elsewhere but you'll Likely just pay more for the same service

BrokenWing Sat 21-Jul-18 00:26:52

I find with our local vet you will see whoever is free unless you specifically ask to see a particular vet. When our dog had orthopedic issues we found out which vet at the practice had the most orthopedic experience or interest and asked for appointments with him each time (even if that meant travelling to their other location 15 miles away).

Can you ask for your next appointment to be with the vet with the most renal experience (at our practice the receptionist wouldnt mind us asking and would find out from one of the vet nurses for us if she didn't know).

niknac1 Fri 20-Jul-18 22:05:31

We had two dogs that had to have a specialist diet to deal with kidney stones. They formed stones and the food helped and this was undertaken and supervised by our local vets. I think if you explain you’d like to discuss their findings and future plans for the care of your dog it would be a good starting point Specialist referrals can cost thousands and not necessarily get you more than you would at your local vets. Is there a partner or head vet at your vets you could ask to see?

JoantheVampireSlayer Fri 20-Jul-18 21:59:00

Thanks Avocados.
I think they are floundering, so I will be more assertive (not easy for me but needs must).

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Fri 20-Jul-18 20:55:08

I haven't been to the Herts hospital of the RVC, but have used their excellent Camden hospital. The Herts hospital has specialist Urology and nephrology service and would be another option for you.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Fri 20-Jul-18 20:49:22

The thing with local vets is that they are like a human GP.

Great for vaccinations, first line diagnoses and relatively standard ops, but for the more complicated / specialist stuff needs to be referred to a specialist. As an example, my much recommended local vet is great for the standard stuff, but will immediately refer anything orthopaedic as he sees so little of it (last broken leg was three years ago) that he doesn't even keep the right tools in stock and feels out of practice.

JoantheVampireSlayer Fri 20-Jul-18 20:32:06

Thank you all. Will definitely phone the referral units and see if they have any ideas.
The vet we’re at now is recommended by so many people locally, I thought we were onto a good thing!!

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TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 20-Jul-18 19:39:34

I can recommend Dick White's as a referral unit (it;'s on the edge of Cambridge) if that's helpful. Might be worth giving them a call? And i'd possibly suggest finding a new vet.

Knowivedonewrong Fri 20-Jul-18 19:36:53

Maybe ask to be referred to Anderson Moore's near Winchester.
Our 4 yr old lab had similar vomiting episodes.
Vet advised possible referral to Anderson Moore's but we couldn't afford the fees.
After much tooing and froing from the vets at our practice, the vet in charge, owner of the practice took over our dogs case and has diagnosed Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
She'll be on meds for life now.

JoantheVampireSlayer Fri 20-Jul-18 19:22:07

I’m in the South East.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Thu 19-Jul-18 19:02:19

I'm not a vet, but I'd be asking for a referral to a vet hospital that does renal medicine (like Fitzpatricks from the Supervet, but renal)

Which part of the country are you in? Someone may be able to point you towards a suitable one.

JoantheVampireSlayer Thu 19-Jul-18 18:39:02

About a year ago my 6 year old lab had a few episodes of vomiting. We saw a vet who diagnosed Kidney disease on the basis of in-house bloods, but when the SDMA test came back it was completely clear and the vet retracted his diagnosis.

Dog is now 7 and had similar vomiting episode over a month ago, I took him to a different vet and they said it was probably a combination of something he ate and being uncomfortable in the heat. I chose to have bloodwork done because of what happened last year.
Both in-house bloods and SDMA showed elevated levels (they weren’t specific about what) which suggested problems with kidney function.
We were told to keep him on a bland diet and obtain a urine sample.
When I collected the sample it was cloudy and I immediately suspected a UTI. We had to wait over a week to hear that he had protein in his urine and an infection, and for them to provide a 10 day course of antibiotics.
During this time he had an ultrasound to check the architecture of all abdominal organs to see if any cause could be detected there, but everything was completely normal.
After the antibiotics I took another urine sample and have just been told that whilst the infection has gone and the protein has decreased significantly, the level is still too high. We have been told to start a ‘renal diet’ and test again in another month.

I am confused, very worried, and getting increasingly frustrated.
We moved to a small practice to try and keep some continuity but are yet to speak to the same person twice. Noone seems to know what is going on, it feels like they just keep turfing him onto someone else so he isnt their problem anymore! When I first took him in I asked if it was worth putting him on a ‘kidney friendly’ diet straight away and they said it wasn't, but now I’m being told that he should be on one and that is the only treatment option. More and more damage could be being caused as every day goes by but noone is in a hurry to do much about it- its been 6 weeks and (apart from several hundred pounds worth of bills) I’ve got nothing to show for it!
If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, experience, anything I could ask about, I would be so, so grateful.
I’m going out of my mind with worry. sad

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