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Feeding greyhounds

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Skihound Thu 19-Jul-18 11:39:06

I did find some old Threads in this but some of the brands seem to not be available - we got our 1st rescue greyhound on Sunday and was wondering about food the rescue centre sells the one they feed from cash’s and carry for £10 a bag which lasts a month although I will buy one to keep diet the same and gradual change this seems very low cost and I wonder about the quality has anyone tried tails or

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Skihound Thu 19-Jul-18 11:41:10

Or barking heads or can recommend - brand we are also going to supplement with meat, sardines and bones (beef neck and marrow seem to recommend thanks for any advice

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BiteyShark Thu 19-Jul-18 11:44:36

For comparing cost and quality is good.

CMOTDibbler Thu 19-Jul-18 11:44:53

I think it really depends on what suits your dog. My lurchers can't deal with the highly rated foods like Millies, but do great on Burns sensitive, Vitalin sensitive plus some wet food - ddog1 adores Burns wet food but we also feed chubb roll or Butchers

adaline Thu 19-Jul-18 12:45:30

You need to just see what works for your dog. Not all dogs can cope with high quality foods, some are grain intolerant or allergic to chicken or other flavours.

If you like the look of a certain brand (we feed Wainwrights) then buy a small bag and try switching them over slowly. If they get along with it you can always buy more, if not, you've not wasted loads of money!

Phillpot12 Thu 19-Jul-18 13:26:10

Our lurcher has come to us eating Harrington's dry with some butchers wet. Keeps having upset tum so might try something else soon but could be the random food she pinches!
Skinners duck/chick/salmon with rice is quite popular with bigger dogs so tempted to get a small bag to try.
Watching with untested to see what others suggest....

Flippetydip Thu 19-Jul-18 16:36:06

When we got our rescue grey she came with a £12 per month of bag, which is really not very much. We had a one-to-one trainer who was not brilliant but did say the food was rubbish. We feed ours on Skinner's Field and Trial Duck and Rice. It seems to suit her OK, although she's getting a bit portly. That might be the lack of exercise as it's so hot.

Do we get to see a picture of your new addition!?

Skihound Thu 19-Jul-18 17:08:04

I meant to say get not got so he will be here on Sunday I have one of him with kids at kennel but can’t see an attach bit for photo

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YourHandInMyHand Fri 20-Jul-18 12:48:29

I used to feed mine dry kibble, skinners duck + rice. However she got to a point where she developed the stubbornness of a fussy cat and just outright refused to eat it. She has a sensitive tummy so options were limited. I now feed her tinned chappie as suggested by her vet. We also usually throw in an egg or two, or a tin of sardines.

WillowDogs Mon 23-Jul-18 00:38:40

I feed mine on Arden Grange Performance diet. Have fed them on this for years with no problems. It's pricey but for one dog it use to last us 2-3 months. Because it's a performance diet designed for athletic dogs such as Greyhounds you don't need to feed such high amounts to maintain weight. For example before this we fed a variety of foods including Harringtons and Skinners but to maintain weight we were having to feed about 3 cups a day, which meant they only lasted about a month. Now we feed 1 and a half cups in Summer, 2 in Winter. We feed 3 dogs off it and the bag lasts about a month and a half.

Earthmover Mon 23-Jul-18 03:43:38

I get pangs of guilt if I feed mine the same food for anything more than six or seven days on the trot.
Can see her enthusiasm for the food decrease as the days of sameness tick by.
Used to buy the bags of dry which were about £40 a go online. Ended up with approx half a dozen different bags with varying quantities in a cupboard as a result of her flat refusal to eat any more of them.
Now she gets wet with a mix of dry about three days a week and dry with a bit of what I'm having e.g bolognese, chili con carnie, macaroni etc etc etc.
Prob not great but I doubt much worse than some of the ingredients in wet.

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