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dogs and lawns - help!

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lu9months Tue 17-Jul-18 21:56:42

my rescue lab has destroyed my lawn and garden - digging it up , and trying to get next door via the flower beds. how have you solved this problem? I'm thinking of getting artificial lawn but don't think it looks/feels nice. any thoughts please?

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BiteyShark Wed 18-Jul-18 06:09:27

Get bamboo sticks and put them stuck upwards around the outside of the flower beds so dog can't get into them to break the habit.

Everytime dog digs lawn bring him inside again to break the habit.

I do now have a large area of artificial lawn (as the area was just mud and moss) which was bloody expensive as I went to a lush type which is like a deep pile carpet. It copes really well with my spaniel tearing about on it skidding along with his claws.

missbattenburg Wed 18-Jul-18 09:45:24

Agree with Bitey but you also say that the dog is trying to get next door?

Is he bored, curious or agitated do you think? The solution would be different for each one...

adaline Wed 18-Jul-18 12:22:28

Can you dedicate an area where he CAN dig? We have a beagle and digging is in his nature - he loves it and I think it would be unfair to deny him that. We turned a flower bed into his digging patch - he loves it and no longer tries to attack the rest of the lawn. We had to keep moving him onto his digging "spot" at first, but he totally gets it now and he loves attacking his spot.

TropicPlunder Thu 19-Jul-18 07:52:15

You could put interesting things in a designated digging spot, like half burried toys or chews. (Unless You want to completely discourage it)
Mine digs and also burries food, but luckily she goes for the edges and not the grass!

lu9months Thu 19-Jul-18 22:31:16

thanks all, she wants to get next door to see their cat! i don't think she is bored, she gets lots of walks and games and cuddles. curious yes. most of the time at home she is tired, and sleepy after her walks, but in the garden she likes to try and get to the next door cat, and dig up the garden. don't know why. just because she is a dog i guess! very happy , waggy girl otherwise

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