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Neighbour’s dog

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Bedknobsandhoover Mon 16-Jul-18 19:43:25

Our young dog loves being outside and the back door is open in this fine weather. A new neighbour has a very noisy little dog who rushes down their garden barking at frequent intervals and ours is barking back. We don’t want a nuisance dog, he hardly ever barked until the new one arrived, and we don’t like to shut him inside.
How can we stop our pup developing a habit of barking by copying the other dog?

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geekone Mon 16-Jul-18 20:20:29

He’s not copying he’s answering back or guarding as it is an unknown threat. Introduce them so that they are no longer a threat to each other and both stop barking.

It’s not your neighbour or your neighbours dogs fault that your dog barks back. Both dogs are doing the same thing. Dogs are very territorial.

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