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How to find a cockapoo puppy?

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tastylancs Sun 15-Jul-18 08:42:44

We lost our beautiful springer two years ago and now feel ready for a new puppy. Beyond excited! Going for cockapoo as I have allergies. But where do I start? I hear horror stories about puppy farms. Can I trust the pets 4 homes app? Should we be visiting homes now with a view to picking puppy up in late August? Advice please!

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Lonecatwithkitten Sun 15-Jul-18 08:49:43

You have no guarantee that a cockerpoo will be hypoallergenic. I have a very large number in my practice and at least 50% of them shed.
There are a couple of good breeders around who do all the health checks etc, but you would expect to wait around a year for a puppy from them.

LEMtheoriginal Sun 15-Jul-18 09:06:25

The trouble is with the current trend for designer dogs - as in cross breeds with ridiculous names - it encourages bach street breeders. These dogs are un registered and often (not always) bred by people with no real ideas on breeding dogs.

Please bear in mind that quite often the puppies will still shed so if that is your reason for getting one then i would reconsider.

As a vet nurse i see MANY cocker poos and generally they are lovely dogs. However they tend towards nervy and that can lead to problems (saying that i am often doing things they dont appreciate so that can make a difference but it is noticable trait with these dogs).

No - you absolutely cannot trust pets4homes as this is where backyard breeders tend to advertise.

It is difficult because not everyone who isn't a "breeder" is a backyard breeder . I have a lovely dog who was a result of a (deliberate) union between dogs of people who wanted a litter if pups from two much loved family pets - never had any issues.

Again a caveat - some peopke see these breeds as a great source of income and that is where you can fall foul of unscrupulous "breeders "

Would you consider a rescue or do you want a puppy?

Should you be visiting homes now for august ? Next august maybe!! A good breeder will often have waiting lists before the puppies are even conceived.

If buying a puupy make sure the have
- a registered microchip
- 1st vaccinations done
- worming record
- four weeks free insurance (you can also get this from your vet afyer the first visit)

If the breeder doesnt question you then assume they give zero fucks about what happens to the puppy once you leave with it and therefore less likely to ensure its good health.

Sorry to be a downer but there are many bad breeders out there who will take advantage of folk who want a puppy. Mist times people get lucky but sadly sometimes people end up out of pocket to the extreme if hundreds to thousands because of course once they have taken puppy home they are emotionally invested and receive no help from the person who has caused issues due to lack of health checks and general care if their products.

Saying all that - i bloody love cocker poos . Too cute!!

Noonelikesfruitcake Sun 15-Jul-18 09:09:41

We found our cockerpoo from the pets 4 homes site, but we visited a few different breeders before we found one we were happy with, who did all the checks, had healthy, happy dogs, well socialised, etc. You need to be vigilant, because puppy farms are wise to people avoiding them and are more sneaky. You might need to travel quite far or wait a while like we did.

If you're near Bedford, the breeders I am getting our pup from just had a potential owner cancel, so they have a little girl available from next week. I can send you a link to their ad.

Noonelikesfruitcake Sun 15-Jul-18 09:14:13

LEM above gives good advice. Our pup is the result of two family pets breeding, they have a dog grooming and training business, all pups have been vaccinated, etc etc etc. And I think they vetted us just as much as we vetted them!

EscapistTendencies Sun 15-Jul-18 09:31:27

Anyone who can give you a puppy by August is v v dodgy and best avoided.Puppy farm dogs will almost always have behavioural issues. Any respectable breeder will have a wait list of several months minimum.

fivedogstofeed Sun 15-Jul-18 09:39:31

the breeders I am getting our pup from just had a potential owner cancel, so they have a little girl available from next week

This is an immediate red flag and well known puppy farmer scam I'm afraid. They will use any means possible to put pressure on the buyer to buy now.

tastylancs Sun 15-Jul-18 09:44:58

Lem and all of you PPs thanks for the advice. I'm in Cumbria so sadly can't really visit the Bedford breeder. The pets 4 homes site has lots of puppies ready right now and that's just not right is it. So ok I will avoid them. But how then do I find a reputable breeder? I've asked my vet to keep an eye out for me but that was months ago and I haven't heard anything.

I do want a puppy rather than a rescue because I have young DC and want them to experience having a dog from a puppy. We had our springer before DC so they never knew her as a puppy.

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Ylvamoon Sun 15-Jul-18 10:00:21

Can I possibly convert you to a Tibetan Terrier? They are fabulous dogs, have hair not fur (like poodles), and are medium sized. Once you look into the breed, you will find all the attributes that is associated with a cookerpoo & a bit more!
You can go and find reputable breeders more easily. They will let you meet their dogs and you can "allergy test" them.

PS: in real life I have converted a few cookerpoo people! 🐾

Lucisky Sun 15-Jul-18 10:48:24

I will try and convert you to poodles. They really don't shed at all and are wonderful, intelligent, active and loving companions. They don't have to look all ponced up either. Our poodle has her coat trimmed to the same length all over, and is frequently mistaken for a cockapoo, much to my annoyance. However, breeders of pure poodles are a bit few and far between it seems - everybody is busy crossing them with other breeds.

tabulahrasa Sun 15-Jul-18 12:09:36

adaline Sun 15-Jul-18 12:43:09

* the breeders I am getting our pup from just had a potential owner cancel, so they have a little girl available from next week*

This has scam written all over it! Good breeders have waiting lists that start before the puppies are even conceived - we waited nine months for our puppy to be born, and another three before he was ready to come home to us at 12 weeks. He had all his vaccinations, was raised in a family home and is an exceedingly healthy pup and our vet is very pleased with his health, stature (his parents were both tested for genetic issues and hip/elbow scored appropriately) and overall quality.

Please don't buy a puppy from someone who has to put an ad on the internet to sell them. Decent breeders have long waiting lists and don't sell their puppies on Facebook selling sites!

Whitney168 Sun 15-Jul-18 12:52:20

I think this has all been said many times before really, but can I just urge you to look up the licence details of any licensed breeder of crossbreeds (and indeed many of the popular pedigrees). If they are licensed for anything above, say, 5 breeding bitches and are not a reputable show kennel, there is next to zero chance they are doing things right by their dogs.

If you buy from a breeder like that, you are supporting the puppy farming industry.

Whitney168 Sun 15-Jul-18 12:54:17

I wonder if this is the breeder Noonelikesfruitcake is suggesting:

£200 more for the popular colour would have me running a mile before I looked any further. shock

tastylancs Sun 15-Jul-18 15:10:53

Ylva the Tibetan terrier is a lovely looking dog (never heard of this breed before today!) but such long hair makes me itch just looking at it. Not for me I think. Also we would be walking in muddy woods every day so this would be a hair nightmare! Thanks for the tip though.

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tastylancs Sun 15-Jul-18 15:13:07

Lucisky interesting re poodles - I certainly wouldn't rule them out. Thanks

Tabular thanks for the link - will read now.

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tabulahrasa Sun 15-Jul-18 15:14:22

“Also we would be walking in muddy woods every day so this would be a hair nightmare”

A Tibetan terrier would be easier than most cockapoo coats... unless you get one with a cocker coat, in which case you’d be as well getting a cocker...

Chickenbhunaandoice Sun 15-Jul-18 15:22:13

My poo is more poodle than spaniel. His mum was a poodle /working spaniel cross and his dad was a poodle. Lots of different combinations are sold as cockerpoos- as they are mongrel dogs- different size poodles and different types of cocker.

geekone Sun 15-Jul-18 16:27:35

If you are open to conversion a mini Schnauzer is a great non shedding breed. Contry to popular belief on here not all breeds have a waiting list of a year as not all breeds are popular. I was on a waiting list for my Giant S at one of the best breeders in the country and it was 5/6 months before I picked up my puppy it is not a trendy dog (we love him).
Think about different breeds and what they could bring and if you still want a cockapoo then go for it but like pugs you will never be 100% sure of the breeder due to the demand for them. My friends cockapoo is a wonderful bundle for joy and is an F1. Good luck in getting your perfect dog.

AbbieLexie Sun 15-Jul-18 16:36:30

I would ask you to think/consider a standard Schnauzer. Asthma and allergies in this house. I was taught how to groom our girls (we had 2) and no hair in the house. So pleased with the breed we are getting another 2. Our girls lived until 14 & 13 years.

geekone Sun 15-Jul-18 16:59:43

@AbbieLexie I love a Schnauzer. Our Giant is a big teddy.

Wolfiefan Sun 15-Jul-18 17:02:46

Don't get a cross breed if you suffer from allergies. You have no idea what you will get.
Cross breeds like this are bred purely for money. I wouldn't and couldn't find people like that. Clueless backyard breeders and commercial greeders.
Choose an actual breed.
Would you consider visiting Discover Dogs as a starting point?

TheGreatCornholio Sun 15-Jul-18 17:02:56

If you think a Tibetan Terrier has the potential to be too much grooming for you, then a cockerpoo is not for you. They have VERY high maintenance coats.

onedayiwillmissthis Sun 15-Jul-18 17:48:00

As Lucisky said...why not go for the real...the original...the bestgrin

The Poodle.

3 different sizes (4 if you count the 'Moyen')...toy, miniature and standard. Definitely no shedding...and yep they don't have to be clipped out like show dogs.

I have a 3 1/2 year old miniature girl who I luff to bits. She is my second poodle. I lost my first miniature in 2015...we had been together for nearly 16 years. I still miss her.

Ylvamoon Sun 15-Jul-18 19:14:36

tastylancs - if you are unsure about grooming, than a (non shedding) dog is not for you! Most "poo-x" that you meet are clipped and require a visit to the groomers every 4-6-8 weeks. You also need to brush their hair inbetween and after a muddy walk they may need a quick bath - as any dirty dog would! My Tibetans need a good brush 1-2 x week when in full coat. And even when clipped, I like to do it as it's very relaxing for them and underlines the relationship we have.
All alternative breeds mentioned on here are the same. If you want an "easy" dog to fit in with allergies, look for straight hair like Schnauzer or Tibetan or no hair like Chinese Crested = fab energetic little dogs, I used to have 2, they where great with the kids and very easy going.

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