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Puppy stung by bee - help!

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ChesterDrawers Sat 14-Jul-18 20:33:40

My 19 week old puppy has been stung in the mouth by a bee. His top lip is pretty swollen on both sides and he seems a bit agitated and won’t let us look in his mouth. Can anyone give any advice????

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QOD Sat 14-Jul-18 20:35:34


I have seen people post that they administer antihistamine but RING vet for advice

My pup is 10 months and 5lbs so I could overdose her for example

ChesterDrawers Sat 14-Jul-18 20:49:46

Thank you! Rang the vets and they suggested Piriton. We had some is so have given him the dose they suggested. Fingers crossed he’ll be fine.

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hendal Sat 14-Jul-18 20:54:02

Glad the vet could help, I’d heard they could take Piriton but have no idea of the dosage. Hope he’s feeling better soon!
Our family dog was stung years ago and it was awful seeing her like that. She was sick in the night, but woke up her usual loopy self the next day. Hopefully after a good sleep he’ll be right as rain.

adoggymama Sat 14-Jul-18 20:57:59

Ice- either hold it in his mouth or let him eat it- helps with the swelling and pain. Our pup got stung twice on each ear by a wasp nest he ran into and his ears were so swollen!confused

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