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My dog has snapped at DD (2) twice in 2 days - help :-(

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Nofilter Fri 13-Jul-18 01:33:10


My much loved and cared for dog 11Years Lhasa Apso has snapped at my DD twice in 2 days.

It's a really stressful time at the moment as we are moving in a few weeks so we have my DM and her 2 cats here as we are all moving to a big farmhouse - which I know my dog will absolutely love - and so will the cats. They will also be able to have designated areas for their own food, beds etc in the new home but it is not possible here to do that really...

I wasn't home in both occasions he snapped at DD, yesterday I thunk was more of a warning but today there was a tooth mark on DDs arm.

Any suggestions here? Yes obviously struggling - it's definitely around food he's not happy with. I've started to only give treats in the kitchen out of the way...

Please help I love this dog like a child of mine he's so special to me and part of our family this cannot go wrong.. it's not an option. But I have to protect DD it's my job...

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QueenCity Fri 13-Jul-18 01:37:55

That does sound stressful. I think you need to take him to the vets for a check up. It's possible he may be in pain or unwell. You also need to ensure that your DD is not allowed to be unsupervised with him. Is he crate trained? Could that be an option for him? If there is no separate room for him then could he be put in kennels or boarded with someone for the next couple of weeks until until you move?

Bananarama12 Fri 13-Jul-18 01:42:06

He's getting old so you need a check up with the vet to rule out pain. Do not leave them unsupervised and don't let her touch him until you've moved and he has his own space he can go to and be left alone. There is a reason he's biting and every dog has it's limits.

Battleax Fri 13-Jul-18 01:46:52

Is he feeling the heat? My JRT tried to start a fight with a helicopter earlier - totally out of character.

Cooling mats might be worth a try.

Imchlibob Fri 13-Jul-18 01:58:19

If you can't keep the 2yo and the dog completely separate within the house until you move then you will need to put the dog into kennels or a temporary foster home. He has given you two warnings. The next time he snaps could easily be much much worse. Yes you love him and for his own sake as well as your dd's you need to protect them both by keeping them properly away from each other.

tabulahrasa Fri 13-Jul-18 02:05:06

Who was supposed to have been looking after your DD?...

A dog with food guarding issues doesn’t need treats at all tbh.

Feed him well away from DD, take him for a check up and if there’s no medical cause you want a referral to a behaviourist.

Nofilter Fri 13-Jul-18 15:35:04


Thanks for the responses I really appreciate the advice.

I've booked him into the vets and spoken to our dog walker this morning, he's going to stay there for ten days (I'll really miss him!) a week up to the big move and 3 days after to keep him away from the stress.

I've also ordered him a vest and Matt to stay cool..

We've moved the cats food upstairs and moved his bed which has his little treats in into the kitchen next to his food and we will monitor DD in this area and teach her to not touch his food or treats.

I feel really sorry for him to be honest, his whole world is upside down, the cats have arrived, DD is in her terrible twos. I'm staying home tomorrow for a night to have some time just me and him while DD & DM go to our caravan in wales and we'll follow them in Sunday...

Going to be as loving and attentive as I can with him and just try and make him feel good...

Let's see what the vet says too RE any pain.

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PeggySchuylar Sat 14-Jul-18 08:09:02

A break at the dog walker's is an excellant solution op.
Good luck with your move. It is a very stressful time and good luck with settling the whole family in the new house.

Nofilter Sat 14-Jul-18 10:41:45

Thanks penny it will all be worth it soon phew!

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