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Dog has cancer and we have go away

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noideawhatodo Thu 12-Jul-18 02:51:42

Firstly, please go easy on me. I'm literally freaking out. I live abroad and our very much loved dog started limping weirdly this week and then his entire back end crashed. My poor baby has cancer. Final tests coming in but they think it's terminal.

At the weekend, we have to leave the country for a party to celebrate my Mum. Dog was supposed to go to doggy care. My mum isn't particularly well and this will, realistically, be the last time our entire family are all together. We will be out the country for 2 weeks.

So, what would you do? My choices are:
a) Put him to sleep now, knowing he could die while we are away and at least he would be with us when it happens
b) Cancel the trip altogether, knowing this is the last time my Mum could possibly have her family together before she dies
c) Hire a dog sitter, knowing there is chance the dog will die while we are away (and they would be aware of that) and I would feel awful forever if he does.

Seriously, what do I do?!

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Candyflip Thu 12-Jul-18 03:08:30

I think I would probably pts. This happened to us, we went away and were delayed coming back because of visas (living overseas) and although we knew he had cancer when we left, he took a turn for the worse while we were away. He lasted until we got back but I wish we had been with him those weeks. Sorry for what you are going through. Remember better a day too soon than a day too late. Trite, but true.

Tamberlane Thu 12-Jul-18 03:11:31

I would let him go while you are able to be with him.
Better a day to early then a day to late.

Sorry to hear about your dog. Its a hard thing to cope with at the best of times

MsFrizzle Thu 12-Jul-18 03:21:21

Honestly, I would cancel the holiday to be with my dog. I understand your thoughts about your mum but she's had her family together in the past but the dog doesn't understand what's happening to him/her.

If you opt for euthanization, maybe look into doing it at home. It's much less stressful and more peaceful for the animal.

snowman1 Thu 12-Jul-18 03:23:57

You poor thing, that's so sad. If the dog has lost the use of her back legs and its that far along you are best to put the dog to sleep now. It must be a shock. But it sounds like her quality of life is already significantly poor. Putting her down would be putting the dog first. Tamberlane is right, a day early is better than a day too late. It will also allow you to concentrate on your Mum when she may need you most, option 3 may mean you are sorting the dog out from afar when you should be with your Mum,you are probably wishing you were there for the dog too. Talk to the vet, I'm sure they've dealt with this before. Hope you are okay.

TheGoldenWolfFleece Thu 12-Jul-18 03:28:43

Id have him put to sleep before you go, ideally at home. He isn't going to get better so why put him through the stress of a dog sitter?

Icklepup Thu 12-Jul-18 04:14:23

Let him go before you go

HerRoyalNotness Thu 12-Jul-18 04:17:15

Do not cancel on your mum! Sad as it is regarding your dog, your mum should be your priority. I’d put him to sleep before you go.

GuntyMcGee Thu 12-Jul-18 04:22:38

From what you've posted I'd do the very difficult thing and put to sleep before you go.

Have a final few days where dog can be bathed with love and if possible, have the vet come to you and do it at home. It's unfair to let the dog linger and be in pain and I think it'd be unfair to leave the dog at the end of its life to go away.

The dog would be confused at your leaving and I couldn't bear the thought of one of my dogs being so ill and looked after by someone else. Even worse if they died and I couldn't get home to make arrangements and say my goodbyes. It would be pretty awful for any pet sitter to have to go through too.

Also if this is possibly the last chance for you to see your mum and your family all together would you ever forgive yourself if you didn't go?

I'm so sorry OP, it sounds like a heartbreaking situation all round.

RideSallyRide76 Thu 12-Jul-18 05:11:00

If this is definitely the end of the line for the dog then I'd pts before you go. Spend a lovely day with him and say goodbye.
Sorry you have this decision, heartbreaking thanks

ADastardlyThing Thu 12-Jul-18 05:52:23

I'd speak to the vet for advice, and if thought doggie might last a bit longer and isn't suffering id go on the trip and dp would stay with the dog.

tabulahrasa Thu 12-Jul-18 09:08:32

If he’s limping and lost/losing the use of his back legs... I’d PTS whether I was going away or not.

He’s in pain and it isn’t going to get better.

elastamum Thu 12-Jul-18 09:44:38

It is really hard, but I would PTS before you go. At least you then have the peace of mind that your beloved dog isn't suffering.

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