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German shepherd puppy..

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Onebloodyjob Mon 09-Jul-18 06:44:36

Hi.. My friends have got a german shepherd puppy and hes beautiful! He's 6 months old and very lovely.. but when I visit and sit down he dives up and tries to dive on me.. he also in play grabs my hand in his mouth which doesn't hurt but I obviously don't want this.. My friends tell him no and make him get down but what I want is to know the right way to stop this myself, as he's a big dog
Thank you

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Pigletpoglet Mon 09-Jul-18 07:05:33

When he jumps up, turn your back and fold your arms. As soon as he is doing the behaviour that you want - either 4 paws on the floor or sitting down - give him loads of praise and preferably a treat. For the mouthing, we've found that the thing that works best is squeaking in pain - this is what puppies do if they are playing with each other and one is not gentle enough. If this doesn't work, or if it excites the puppy (he might be a little bit old for it), then as soon as his teeth come into contact with your skin, stand up, turn your back and ignore again.
The key is to be really quick in praising/rewarding the behaviour that you DO want - don't make him wait for praise, get in there quick as soon as he does the right thing.
HTH, and what a lovely friend you are to want to engage properly with him.

Onebloodyjob Mon 09-Jul-18 14:52:56

Thank you.. I love dogs and have a huge soft spot for german shepherds
I want to make sure I behave in the right way around him

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