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New Dog - Too attached?

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Karmin Sun 08-Jul-18 19:45:36

Hi to everyone that reads this smile

We have a new mongrel, he is around 4 yrs old rehomed when his original family are moving abroad. He joined our family about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I work 4 days a week, my partner is about home with DS3 who is almost 2.

It is important I think to mention I had never met the dog before and it was a private rehoming not through a rescue centre.

So, both me and DH take similar amount of care of the dog but he is home more often so the bulk does fall to him. We both feed him, DH more than me, he doesn't get any extra human food from either of our plates although DS3 sometimes throws his lunch at him.

The dog seems very attached to me, if DS 1 or 2 take him they can get him to the end of the track maybe 300m away from the house before he is pulling to come back. When DH takes him out and he knows I am at home he will pull and try and sprint back. When I am not there he sits by my computer with his head on my chair or stares out the window. I took him for both his walks this today as DH is out, I can walk him off the lead and he will recall fine. Tends to ignore anyone else, but he walks behind me a lot, he seems very attentive to me, and we walked for 2km across the forest today with no issues he stayed close and bounded about a little bit but for the most part he is content to walk behind me, find something to sniff then catch up and continue walking behind me.

Is this normal? I sit on the sofa he will come over and look at me and if I let him up will lay with his head on me if I don't will settle at my feet. When I'm sat at my computer he is by my feet and when I get up will follow.

It just seems like he is too attached to me for the amount of time we have had him. Is this something to be concerned about?

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HyacinthsBucket70 Sun 08-Jul-18 19:48:11

Most dogs have one master. Mine is completely attached to me, even though DH will feed and walk him. But he's 100% my dog. He follows me to the loo, sits on the floor next to the bath if I'm in it, waits on the bed while I get dressed. He even comes to work with me hmm.

Nothing unusual or to worry about grin.

Bananarama12 Sun 08-Jul-18 19:49:12

My dog has been my shadow for the last 3 year's. It's nothing to be concerned about he just loves you ❤ give him more time to settle in and I'm sure he will get better walking for the others. It's a big change living a whole new life and has attached himself to you.

BiteyShark Sun 08-Jul-18 19:52:16

I can't go to the toilet without BiteyDog barging in and watching. If I go out and DH is in the house he ignores him and waits by the door waiting for me to come back. If I am in the shower he will sit next to it.

Ironically when DH comes home he gets the biggest welcome ever whereas I get a moderate tail wag in comparison. Yet it's me he doesn't want to be away from in the house.

Dottierichardson Mon 09-Jul-18 04:31:24

It's perfectly normal dogs often form a primary bond in a household. My oldest dog always followed me everywhere and pretty much ignored anyone else, although would accept as a substitute at a pinch if I was out. My younger dog was much more bonded with my OH and likes to follow OH around. Now that the older dog is dead I actually miss him following me around.
Although interestingly now when we are all at home the younger dog spends periods of time with me if I'm in a separate room. Also dogs do vary a lot in personality my older dog always had to be with someone, day and night or was quite forlorn, my younger dog likes to go off and sit on her own in the garden for periods of time and was always a little bit more independent.

GuntyMcGee Mon 09-Jul-18 04:44:20

As others have said, it's pretty normal for dogs to prefer the company of one family member. But also don't forget that you haven't had the dog for very long. It's likely that the dog is still settling - both of my rescues took around 6 months to a year to fully settle in - and this settling in process includes him finding his place in the family and becoming secure.

At the moment he's relying on you to provide his security. You make him feel safe. I'm sure in time he will be happy to go out on walks with other people, and when on walks will roam a little more, but for now, he possibly feels vulnerable and confused when he's not with you.

He's still very vey new to the family and needs time to settle.

Are all of you walking him together as a family? That may help, also try some dog training classes and try alternating who feeds him and who plays with him etc so that he's getting loads of interaction with everyone in the home in equal measure.

drearydeardre Mon 09-Jul-18 06:25:21

OP you are very brave on here to admit this
It is important I think to mention I had never met the dog before and it was a private rehoming not through a rescue centre.
it is a great faux pas on MN to admit you rehomed a dog not from a rescue
a privately rehomed dog can be a great dog and once he is settled he will become a family dog - although you will probably be 'the main attraction'.
This is why dogs are great companions to those who live alone.

pigsDOfly Mon 09-Jul-18 11:13:27

I live on my own and my dog rarely follows me around. I'm retired so at home with a quite a bit.

Pretty much the only time she follows me is if I'm going out and she's waiting for her treat ball to be thrown when I go, or we're about to go for a walk.

It does sound as if you have a bit of a rarity value OP, maybe that makes you a bit more interesting when you are there.

I would also image the dog is feeling very unsettled, a bit sad and lost, and missing his original family. In those circumstances he'll be looking for someone to latch onto who is going to give him some stability in his sudden loss and change.

He'll probable be a bit less needy when he knows you better.

Cath2907 Mon 09-Jul-18 14:47:25

DPuppy was bought for DH and as a family pet but DH was to be his owner. Sadly Dpup didn't agree and it is very clearly me he looks to. We are both home all day - I work from home and DH is a househusband. DH is doing stuff and would happily have dog along too but all he will do is lie under my desk on my feet. If I get up to use the loo he potters after me but he is incredibly reluctant to go anywhere without me.

pigsDOfly Mon 09-Jul-18 15:27:17

What with this thread, and the other thread currently running about dogs following people around, I'm beginning to feel my dog doesn't give a hoot about me. sad

Aprilshouldhavebeenmyname Mon 09-Jul-18 15:30:04

You should feel very privileged op.
A rescue ddog is a truly wonderful ddog!!
A pic though - thems the rules on here!!

elQuintoConyo Mon 09-Jul-18 15:35:59

Twoo wuv <3

Sorry blush got a bit vom-inducing there!

Totally normal and nothing to worry about. Dog thinks you're the mutt's nuts <pun totally intended> i wish i had a head on my lap, conyodog isn't very cuddley (abused, found abandoned, v sad history). She tries to rescue me from the shower and shadows me everywhere, just not affectionate.

And: Oi, where's the photo?!

rockcakesrock Mon 09-Jul-18 15:51:36

You could be describing our dog. We have had her for 6 months and she is 8 years old. I don’t know if is because she loves me or because she is protecting me.

She is a TerrierX and has a strong herding instinct too, if we are out together she does not care if DH goes off, but will not walk without me. When the GCs come with us she has to herd them together and waits for the dawdlers to catch up. She seems to be always checking on the littlest one and nosing her along to catch up.

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