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does pup need a behaviourist or am I overreacting....

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sleepwouldbenice Wed 04-Jul-18 22:30:29

Hi all

posted on this before but feel not getting anywhere (thanks to those who gave advice though) hence the above.

4/5 month old pup is really contrary about being left. For example I left him today (ie left the house for 20-50 mins) 4 times. All in the same manner (no fuss, all his needs met, TV on etc).

3 times he pretty much snoozed through and didn't give a damn The other time he got really distressed, barking, pacing, scrabbling etc (I have webcam signal doesn't always work but he def did this for the last 20 mins). When I arrived back I tried to play down his over enthusiastic greeting before he then passed out asleep

The issue is I never know how he will be or why it varies ie stressed or chilled mode.

The only comments I can make is that I do know that if I left him for over an hour I think I will always move from chilled to stressed mode. The other thing is I think his stressed mode is getting worse.

On the other hand last week he would get stressed if I left him during school drop off, now this is one time he seems to always be chilled about. So on one hand real progress, on the other - real stress

All other aspects (eg being left with others, being left if we are in the house etc) hes totally fine with although again the latter again he has relaxed over the last month he used to whine if I left the room

So.… carry on as we are and he'll gradually relax or get support quick before anxiety gets engrained???? I change my mind every 2 mins!!

The only other thing I haven't tried is one of those plug in hormone things - anyone had any luck with this?

Thanks as always

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Tinkobell Thu 05-Jul-18 09:50:57

Yes do try Adaptil spray on a blanket or something.
My view is that the times when the pup is settled are probably coinciding conveniently with the natural sleep the pup is happy and ready to rest.
When he's barky is probably because that's an awake phase...and so the pup can't understand why you're leaving it and expecting it to sleep again.
When you need to pop out during an awake phase have you tried leaving stuff like filled Kongs or a nice chew to get stuck into?
I think provide some entertainment or toys if you can tell the pups not ready to sleep and then just head out anyway and ignore the crying. You're not out for long by the sound of things and you have to live your life too.

Tinkobell Thu 05-Jul-18 09:52:22

Btw my pup tends to crash for a good hour approx 1 hr after a I tend to use those windows to pop out.

sleepwouldbenice Thu 05-Jul-18 12:12:48

HI thanks for your comment - yes agree. Its always been the way. I think I called an earlier thread wanting to go out on my terms not his! Yes I did leave him plenty to do. The kong was eaten so I assume he stayed calm enough to finish that...……………

I do want to extend the time I am out. nothing drastic - couple of hours - which he should be able to deal with at this age, awake or not. Then from Sept he will be alone 1 day a week with various puppy visits so I would say 3 hours max.

One minute I am "must be firm" thoughts next minute I am in tears!

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Wolfiefan Thu 05-Jul-18 12:17:34

The advice is not to leave your pup longer than they are happy with. Leaving them to get upset reinforces the idea that being left is scary and can create proper separation anxiety.

Applepudding2018 Fri 06-Jul-18 14:13:39

My pup who had previously been OK at being left started to show some behavioural problems at about 5-7 months old. (Chewing/scratching at the furniture and wallpaper). We found that a thunder coat helped him .

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