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What’s difficult to do once you have a dog?

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DragonsAndCakes Tue 26-Jun-18 16:05:59

I think we’re about to rescue a greyhound! If all goes well we pick her up in about four weeks.

So, along the lines of going to the cinema lots before a baby is born, is there anything we’ll find hard to do once we get a dog?

So far I’ve thought of eating fish and chips in the car and going out for the whole day.

Anything else we should try and do now?

(I appreciate I may sound clueless. That would be because I am.)

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Jinglebells99 Tue 26-Jun-18 16:09:49

I think it’s harder to do stuff spontaneously unless it’s a place where dogs are welcome. So going away for the weekend, day out at a nature place. Having to remember to be back in four hours. My friend got a dog in November and I’ve hardly seen her since :/ .

DragonsAndCakes Tue 26-Jun-18 16:10:56

Oh I should add we’re already limited by three children, so our bar is pretty low. grin

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SingingTunelessly Tue 26-Jun-18 16:12:45

Going on holiday (without dog) you’ll be so attached that taking them away from home and putting them in kennels will seem cruel. Any time out of the house for shopping, evenings out, etc., will be curtailed after a couple of hours because you’ll fret about dog being left alone. I loathe anything that takes me away from my dogs for too long. You could get a house sitter in so dog doesn’t have to go in kennels but unless it’s someone you know and trust that isn’t without problems. A dog takes over your life. Enjoy! grin

Jinglebells99 Tue 26-Jun-18 16:13:18

We used to meet up for a walk and have a coffee but it’s surprising, how many coffee shops don’t allow dogs. And sitting outside in winter wasn’t fun.
I think it makes it more difficult to try and go out for a meal and then the cinema for example.

xJune88 Tue 26-Jun-18 16:13:27

Alot changes if you're going to be a good owner. Time out of house, holidays, rushing straight home after working, worrying about silly things, what you do on weekends. Children and dogs are completely different you can take children with you and not dogs to most places. Especially rescue dogs as they may have anxiety. They are HARD work but defo worth it x

Greyhorses Tue 26-Jun-18 16:23:26

Holidays are a pain. The good boarders get booked up way in advance and is £300 per week hmm

Going anywhere when I don’t have someone to pop in. I hate leaving them more than 4 hours but sometimes it’s unavoidable and it stresses me out!

BiteyShark Tue 26-Jun-18 16:37:55

Leaving them is a problem so no more wandering around the shops for several hours.

Depending on the dog sleeping in. My dog is an early riser and even though we are he still likes to be up at the crack of dawn so no sleeping in for us.

Resting when ill as the dog still needs feeding, playing with and walking.

Children grow up and they can come with you. Dogs never grow up and whilst you can go to doggy friendly places that does count on your dog being calm and comfortable with lots of people, noise etc.

DragonsAndCakes Tue 26-Jun-18 16:52:42

Thanks everyone. Luckily we have no childcare so many of these we can’t do anyway!

I suppose we would have been able to as the children got older though.

Maybe we need to get round all the country park places that aren’t so good for dogs and do other day trips that involve non dog friendly places.

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adaline Tue 26-Jun-18 16:53:19

Going on days out, unless you can bring the dog or arrange a walker/daycare.

Shopping, unless you live in a dog-friendly area that allows them in. Likewise with going for meals/drinks/cake/coffee while you're out.

Holidays. Either you have to take them with you, or book them into kennels which is really expensive!

You can't have a lazy day. The dog always needs feeding, walking and watering! And depending on the age, he'll need regular play and stimulation. Ours can't be left alone at 16 weeks.

You'll need to let them out early for the toilet everyday, and depending on age, during the night as well. Say goodbye to lie-ins!

MrsJayy Tue 26-Jun-18 16:55:23

Going away on holiday or a random weekend is difficult you need to book the good kennels in advance it is a pain my rescue is a "character" so I wouldn't ask anybody to watch him.

adaline Tue 26-Jun-18 16:55:45

And yes, you can't go out all day either, unless the dog can come with you. It's fine where we live because everywhere is dog-friendly but not all towns are as accommodating!

CMOTDibbler Tue 26-Jun-18 16:56:01

Its things like theme park days out, air shows, a day at the lido, or just going shopping and then spontaneously going to the cinema.

But then you get to meet lots of lovely people who will admire your pointy, their collar, discuss which rescue they came from etc, and find new days out like the NT places with good dog walks (and covered outdoor cafe places)

Shutityoutart Tue 26-Jun-18 16:57:06

Holidays aren’t a problem here, I’m quite happy to put him in kennels. Spontaneous days out to the beach or theme parks etc aren’t possible. Everything is planned in advance. Getting up and getting out in the morning is always a bit delayed as the dog has to be walked first etc.
We love our dog, but after this one we won’t get another.

MrsJayy Tue 26-Jun-18 16:58:54

I didn't mean i wouldn't use kennels just the ones I use you need to make sure they have space before you book

Shutityoutart Tue 26-Jun-18 17:02:05

Yes we are going away on Friday for a week and I booked the kennels in January!!

StaplesCorner Tue 26-Jun-18 17:03:07

Today I had a visitor (not a friend) and the dog was upset to be shut in another room as I don't like to bother visitors with my dog.

Currently he is cross because its too hot to go out, and I have to work. He's barked at me, cried and generally looked like his life is not worth living.

We cannot shut any of the bedroom doors at night in case he wants to change beds.

We had new sofas recently, expensive soft blue leather. This is NOT possible with a dog sad

adaline Tue 26-Jun-18 17:03:16

YY, things like theme parks are a no-go. Some beaches don't allow dogs in the summer months. If you're out and about and it rains and you want lunch or a coffee, you need to find somewhere which allows dogs indoors.

Stopping at service stations means someone has to stay outside/in the car with the dog. You can't go to the zoo or a safari park without arranging daycare for the dog, either.

WaitrosePigeon Tue 26-Jun-18 17:03:21

Leaving them for a long period of time. However we have family that will have him at the drop of a hat because they love him, so it’s not a real issue for us.

RandomMess Tue 26-Jun-18 17:03:32

They like cuddles even when it's 30 degrees...?

nannybeach Tue 26-Jun-18 17:14:23

In theory, most things have to be planned once you get a dog, course, you arent getting a puppy, I always tell people its a baby, it will pee,poo, cry,chew, get you up at night! Then i get accused of being neative, not a bit of it, I have had dogs since I was a kid, I have 2 now, sitting by me here. They are 3 and 13, we dont go away, thats because we dont want to, often with one, you can go away, I have in the past got my grown up kids over to dog sit. I am on speed dial for GKDS when they get sick and my DD has to go to work, nearly 40 miles away, so its either, chuck the dogs, food drink etc in he car when i get a text or call or if they are going to be off schol several days, back here with said GKDS, mine are old enough they can be left, thats why we always have 2 dogs, they also have a dog flap, so they can go in and out, play or toilet. Most places we go tend to be dog friendly, walks, beach, forest,parks, if we are going to be out some time, they get a really good run, and are happy at home.For my part, the most difficult thing to do, is get sick, when my Borer Collie was a few months old, I had been ill a while went to my GP, who sent me to Hospital, I had to get my oldest DS over (he is also 40 miles away) to puppy sit.

Hoppinggreen Tue 26-Jun-18 17:18:31

Be spontaneous
So if you want to go the cinema you can’t come out of a film and think let’s go for a curry
Also holidays, we booked the dog sitter back in March but there are only 2 weeks she could have him over the summer so we have to go away then
You can still do most things but you have to plan

adaline Tue 26-Jun-18 17:41:09

They like cuddles even when it's 30 degrees...?

YY. Why?! Mine has been superglued to my side all day!

Pebblespony Tue 26-Jun-18 17:49:34

Just realised how lucky we are with ours. We can leave him for a long time compared to other posters here. Going away for a weekend is a pain but we have a lot of animals. At least we can throw the dog in the back of the car.

Fallofrain Tue 26-Jun-18 19:57:55

So i had a dog while living with other people so the responsiblity was shared out or if i needed to pop to do something after work my mum was about etc so i had a bit of a culture shock when it was just me. Weirdly ive just come back from a dog holiday with non dog people and realised how much my dog limits what we do as the other couple kept suggesting things! We actually have 4 at the moment though so it cant be that bad! You adjust and its a whole different way of life. Its s bit like when childfree friends want to go for dinner at 8! Nothing is impossible though, we just need to plan in advance with sitters etc

1) whole days out, no more days at the beach, or theme parks. No long days wandering round a new town etc

2) a total change in holidays. Eg. No city breaks and when we holiday with the dog you can only stare at shops from the outside. You might have to eat in a beer garden in the rain. Forget about visiting museums or cultral things. Ive been to lots of castles but never made it to the inside just taken the dogs round the grounds!

3) you always have to walk the dog. Like always. Even if you have walked for miles around a theme park etc or had a really full day at somepoint you have to book in a dog walk.

But the main thing i struggle with is just popping out to do things after work. My dogs are left while im at work (dont even go into the chaos of scheduling my diary around them!) So i then feel bad about going out again. Eg i cant pop to tesco on the way home as then theyd be left for too long but i feel rotten to come home see them for 2 hours then leave them again! Its trying to schedule food shopping and cinema trips but in general anything on a work day post work.

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