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My Mum said "he seems lacking in energy, do you think he's depressed?"

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 19-Jun-18 22:08:00

After I'd stopped laughing I pointed out that he isn't a cocker spaniel (which her bonkers dog is) and being calm is not the same as lacking in energy. Plus I chose this breed specifically because they are chilled out and patient with kids. grin

Mum's dog is lovely but also the exact type of dog that I wouldn't choose for myself. She (she, the dog not she, my Mum) doesn't respect personal space, every time you sit down she tries to sit on you. She never stops wriggling and moving, when we have lunch she paces around the outside of the table and stands up on her hind legs trying to see if there's anything nice for her. She's a bit of a nervous wee-er so you have to say hello to her outside or wipe up inside. She needs attention all the time, which suits Mum because she lives on her own. But just because that's the right dog for her, Mum has somehow extrapolated that there is something wrong with dogs who don't behave in exactly the same way. hmm

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SpanielsAreNuts Wed 20-Jun-18 09:32:41

Spaniel are completely different to most dogs! Cockers are definitely needy dogs too.

If you don't have a spaniel and your dog acted with as much energy I'd be concerned over what was making your dog so hyper!

TropicPlunder Wed 20-Jun-18 10:02:22

What breed is he? Mine can do high bouncy energy, or stretched flat out. It's about a 20:80 ratio most days grin she's an energy conserving lurchery type! I'd agree with you, content, not depressed

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 20-Jun-18 10:20:01

I had the opposite problem with my DGM, who always had very calm family friendly dogs, whereas I've got a tricky rescue JRT X.

When sending him off to stay with (young retiree) DF for a few days, I was talking to her in general terms about DDog's routine and needs, and she was quite adamant that he would "just have to cope" with shorter walks for a few days. Yep, if you want him literally nipping at your ankles and generally being a pain in the arse... half an hour of walkies will give you that.

I think she's come to see I just have a very different type of dog to those that she had - and that long walks with him are a necessity not a luxury!

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 20-Jun-18 11:33:13

He's a Glen of Imaal terrier, and as terriers go the breed is very chilled. He does get the zoomies occasionally, but not for long and generally he's quite low reaction, interested but not anxious or over-excited. The neighbours by the bottom wall of our garden like to set off fireworks at halloween and new year, but even though some are only about 30 feet away and loud he will only raise his head briefly and then go back to sleep.

Photo attached, because that's the protocol on this topic, isn't it? grin

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whatareypueatingNOW Wed 20-Jun-18 11:40:47

I have a nutter of a Weimaraner who is full of energy and doesn't sit still and a basset hound who could easily pass for a taxidermy 90% of the time.

They DO get depressed but only when they are separated, and that depression doesn't look like lethargy- it's whining fidgety, and displaced and weeing sometimes unfortunately hmm(they are only separated when going to vets but they hate it!)

AreWeDoingThisNow Wed 20-Jun-18 12:11:45


Admittedly the other one is juggling about all over the place wanting me to play with her.

TropicPlunder Wed 20-Jun-18 12:43:07

He's lovely! And he sounds great
grin qualifying for taxidermy grin
And I agree with What about fepression/anxiety being more fidgety than calm

olivetor7 Wed 20-Jun-18 13:54:08

Oh wow, you have a Glen, you are so lucky. Bet you had a long wait for him. Their KC registration numbers are so low ☹️. I would love a Glen, they are great little terriers and as you say, are generally more laid back, but still a proper terrier with the ability to work if needs be. They are the complete opposite of a spaniel!

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 20-Jun-18 14:47:59

I'm in Ireland olivetor7 so there is more availability here (I'm assuming you're in the UK where there are very few). I did have to go on the list while the mum was still pregnant and there was a chance that there wouldn't be a enough pups in the litter to reach my point in the list, but it was quite a big litter so I was fine.

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 20-Jun-18 14:50:04

Part-time taxidermy dog sounds funny. grin Mine sleeps a lot, but he moves around every now and then at least. He does specialise in weird positions that look like his neck has been broken, I don't know how that can be comfortable. grin

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olivetor7 Wed 20-Jun-18 17:50:24

It’s good to hear that their numbers are not as bad in their home country. Only 48 were registered in the uk last year. Irish terriers are my breed but I’ve always had a hankering after a Glen.

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