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TropicPlunder Tue 19-Jun-18 08:46:08

Hello, does anyone do canicross? If so, how did you start? Classes/local club? Are there regular meets and events, or you just find a place to run and go for It? Anyone's dog not take to it? Thinking of starting in a month or so with my fast, leggy hound-type creature; so would be happy to hear your experiences and recommendations (also for the gear). Thanks!

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 19-Jun-18 11:27:47

A club is a good starting point as they can usually let you borrow gear and try before you buy. It is very important to get the correct harness and fitting for your dog and clubs can help with that.They will also have good ways to teach basic directionals etc for the dog some dogs find this hard to pick up on when they are in the front but there are simple methods that can be used to help with this.

canicross clubs

Enjoy your running smile it is very addictive

TropicPlunder Tue 19-Jun-18 17:40:41

Brill! Thanks smile

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lineyturner Tue 19-Jun-18 23:44:29

I do it! I have a collie and a beagle.

Look on Facebook for local groups.

Mine just got the hang of it, but it's like anything... you find there's more and more kit you need grin

Lots of people take theirs to our local park runs.

Some things to consider...

It made mine more tightly wound and reactive. I should have allowed them time to process their surroundings rather than getting them in race mode so quickly.

They are great in a group BUT because they're on lead again they become much more reactive to anyone not in the group.

I'd really recommend K9 trail time for advice about kit. Really great service and advice.

Oh and lastly, if you haven't already, invest in a dicky bag for carrying poo en route!

TropicPlunder Wed 20-Jun-18 04:59:55

Oh I like kit. I'm guessing the dickie bag is for attaching poo to myself as I run?! Necessary I guess confused.
That's interesting about the reactivity...I was wondering how focussed my dig would be, if she would keep running if there are interesting things around...
I also need to get a lot more fit, so that I don't disgrace her!
I think a nearby park run allows dogs. Not the nearest though, so it would mean some very early weekend mornings wink. Thanks for all the advice!

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TropicPlunder Thu 25-Oct-18 17:03:50

Finally got the harness and belt. Tried a little run with my dog.
It was AMAZING! I think she's a natural. As for me, I've never run so fast in my life. Felt very much like teamwork too. Would encourage anyone thinking about it to give it a go

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Thu 25-Oct-18 20:23:38

Glad you are enjoying it. You are not a true canicrosser until you have had your first face plant smile


TropicPlunder Fri 26-Oct-18 10:22:18

grin will update when I graduate!

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