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Puppy ate chocolatey stuff this morning

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bbcessex Sun 17-Jun-18 17:30:12

About a single Thornton-type praliney chocolate type amount of a bar that was somehow left in the garden.. it was a wrapped bar, he had eaten about a single chocolate amount before I noticed and got it off him. This was about 9.00 am this morning.

Puppy is 3 month old lab.. weighs about 14lbs or so. I freaked and was about to call the out of hours vets, but husband googled and worked out that the ‘chocolate’ content was minimal, and compared to his weight shouldn’t be a big deal.

Puppy has been fine all day - bouncey, eating / drinking normally.

Puppy has just had diarrhoea everywhere .. seems fine in himself but obvs that’s not good.

Do I need to call the vet?

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geekone Sun 17-Jun-18 17:52:53

Wow puppies are a nightmare I can’t offer advice but my dog would do the same he would eat anything.

Is it explosive diarrhoea, really watery or just more mr whippy? It could even be the milk in the chocolate causing the runs as some dogs are lactose intolerant.

Sorry OP I don’t think I would call the vet at that stage for mine but I don’t know your dog

pigsDOfly Sun 17-Jun-18 17:54:04

I would definitely give the vet a call. I wouldn't leave it any longer.

Hope puppy is okay.

welshmist Sun 17-Jun-18 17:55:10

Please call the vet.

Wolfiefan Sun 17-Jun-18 17:56:15

I would always call the vet with such a young pup.

Rednailsandnaeknickers Sun 17-Jun-18 18:00:16

Yes I would phone for vet advice with such a young pup - their digestive systems are still developing.

stayathomegardener Sun 17-Jun-18 18:01:52

I think the toxic amounts can vary hugely from dog to dog.
I would contact the vet.

BiteyShark Sun 17-Jun-18 18:16:40

There is a formula to use based on weight of dog and cocoa amount and quantity of chocolate. You say your DH googled but did he actually work it out correctly. Whilst I know there are very toxic amounts I also thought there was some amounts that 'may need vetinary advice'. I also think it can take a while for symptoms to show.

To be honest given the age of your dog I would have phoned the vets to check in the first place. Now that he is having diarrhoea I certainly would be on the phone right now. It really isn't worth the risk for the cost of an ooh vet call. Hope you aren't actually reading this and instead are phoning a vet to check.

wormery Sun 17-Jun-18 18:18:16

Keep us posted, hope poochy is ok.

bbcessex Sun 17-Jun-18 18:24:25

Thanks all.. just phoned the on-duty vet - she was very reassuring.. the level & type of chocolate he’s had shouldn’t have caused a problem in a pup of his size.

She asked what else he has eaten today.. I’d forgotten he had some cheese bits today as a treat - was so focussed on chocolate I didn’t think .. so possibly that caused the diarhea.

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BiteyShark Sun 17-Jun-18 18:25:23

Phew good news OP. Let's hope the diarrhoea stops soon.

bbcessex Sun 17-Jun-18 18:26:23

currently pinging around, so I’m breathing a sigh of relief.

Thanks for suggesting to ring - I’m glad I did 👍👍

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pigsDOfly Sun 17-Jun-18 18:41:20

Thank goodness for that. It's always good to ring for advice if you're unsure. Most ooh vets won't suggest you come in for nothing.

bbcessex Sun 17-Jun-18 18:46:24

Yes - she was lovely. I will defo ring again if anything happens that I’m unsure of.

Thanks all 👍👍👍

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Wolfiefan Sun 17-Jun-18 19:01:45

Great news. Good to know you don't have to worry overnight.

RedHelenB Sun 17-Jun-18 20:15:29

Ddog nicked an onion ring when he was tiny but he was fine.

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