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Puppy coming home in 2 weeks!

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UnicornPug Fri 15-Jun-18 14:38:38

What do we need? I’ve ordered a crate and a pen and so far that’s it. He is a Lhasa bichon mix, if that makes a difference? Are there any good Facebook groups you can recommend? I’ve joined canine enrichment after seeing someone on here mention it... Any advice very welcome!

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Ickyockycocky Fri 15-Jun-18 14:41:39

How exciting for you! We used a crate and I fully recommend them. Do make sure you find some decent classes to go to for socialisation and training. Enjoy.

YetAnotherNewName1000 Fri 15-Jun-18 14:54:33

Hi, have a look at the fb group dog training advice and support.
Also, a good harness to teach loose lead walking. I really like the mekuti harness, as it works as a balance harness, also people recommend the perfect fit harness as you can order different size bits to go together if the puppy is not a 'regular size/shape'.

Lichtie Fri 15-Jun-18 15:01:13

You can't post about a new puppy without photos... Surely that's a rule??
Good collar, a lead, some toys, a bed for the crate. Have you decided what your feeding him yet?

Slydiad Fri 15-Jun-18 17:00:23

Chew toys! We just brought home our new puppy, and it's really good to have an appropriate object to redirect him to when he gets mouthy with people, clothes, furniture, etc. The poor little guy is still teething, after all. Being able to make something rub against his gums clearly feels good to him.

adaline Sat 16-Jun-18 07:55:08

Sign him up for classes ASAP - it's so important for their socialisation.

And chew toys, so many chew toys and more than you ever think you'll need. Our beagle is four months and loves nature bones (fully digestible so no choking hazards like with rawhide), kongs (we feed him all his meals in kongs), Nyla bones, frozen carrots and those rope tug toys.

missbattenburg Sun 17-Jun-18 14:36:34

Firstly, get all those little jobs you've been meaning to do out the way before pup comes home. Once he is here you will not have time for any of them grin

Stock up on shoes or slippers you can easily pop on to go outside (crocs!), a warm dressing gown and a torch. You are going to need them for night time toilet trips.

Get plenty of kitchen roll in (Regina Blitz!). More than you ever thought you would need. Plus a good enzyme carpet cleaner (Simple!) for cleaning up messes. If you have a carpet cleaner tucked away, get it out ready. If you know someone you could borrow one off for a few months, do so.

Get a few bits of vet bed for puppy to sleep on. They wash very easily and having some spares mean you can easily switch them in the night if he has an accident.

A little collar, lead and harness so he can start to get used to them in the house before going for walks. I loved Perfect Fit harnesses when mine was a puppy because:
a) they can be put on without pushing anything over the dog's head, which young puppies may not like
b) you can replace individual bits as the dog grows, just slowly making the harness bigger and bigger

Book the vet's appointment for a check up the day after he comes home - to make sure he is as healthy as you hope and to get vaccines started.

Find out what food he's being weaned onto and how much the breeder will send him home with - then get a bit more in. Look at for food reviews to help decide what food you want to move him onto, or if to keep him on what the breeder uses.

Get a copy of The Happy Puppy Handbook by Pippa Mattinson or the Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey. Both very good.

Sleep all you can now. It's going to be in short supply soon!!

Post pictures. LOTs of pictures grin grin

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