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Dog not well but only sporadically

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BlondeWrites Wed 13-Jun-18 17:08:01

Bit of a weird one here. Springer spaniel is a year old, and in the last few days, has been throwing up once or twice a day. Not a huge amount, and it seems to be when his stomach is empty, never straight after eating/drinking. Usually in the morning, but has been a couple of times later in the day. He's doing a lot of coughing and retching too.

Went to the vets yesterday, they checked him over and X-rayed him under sedation - he has a bit of a history of swallowing things he shouldn't, so given that, the vet wanted to check there was no obstruction in his intestine. They found an 'area of concern' but couldn't say for sure that it was an obstruction, so asked us to come back in today to follow up. Vet thought he seemed loads better this morning (wasn't coughing as easily and his abdomen didn't feel like there was anything worrying) so they didn't X-ray again.

It's odd, because in between the coughing fits and occasional throwing up, he's right as rain, i.e. his usual bonkers self. Not off his food, going to the loo perfectly normally. Anyone got any thoughts?

KinkyAfro Thu 14-Jun-18 10:57:59

Can't believe they've found a grey area and not bothered to do any further tests. I'd be going back to the vets or finding another one personally

BiteyShark Thu 14-Jun-18 11:03:11

Agree with PP I would want further investigation of the 'area of concern' even if he seemed well now.

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