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The ups and downs.

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FluffyPinkCloud Wed 13-Jun-18 05:47:34

I should have started this sooner really but I would like to keep a written account of Fluffypups joys and horrors. Just so i can look back in years to come and see where our journey has taken us.
So the first 8 weeks have been like a whirlwind. I had a phone call on the 24th of april from a guy saying he had one labrador puppy left and did i want him. I jumped at the chance and half an hour later we were home with this tiny bundle of bouncy fluff. I fell instantly in love with him..until i found him with a shoe of mine. I remember posting on here about toilet training him, we used a crate because that was the recommended thing. We all hated the crate, the only time it came in use was when we went on holiday and he could stay in it in the caravan when we went for meals. Puppy training got off to a great start, he is a very fast learner and i have to say he is doing extremely well. He has hist first test on friday. Fluffypup is in training to be my assistance dog, he got his equipment which is purple and printed with “assistance dog in training please do not distract.”
I am so proud of him. But it has not all been easy. He barks ALL THE TIME! If he doesn’t have a kong or chew, if he hasn’t done enough work/exercise before lunch he has to be on the go constantly. Mentally i mean not physically. If he’s over tired he’ll bark as well, it is ear piercing. So that is the biggest thing we’re working on at the moment, teaching him quiet. His trainer says he needs to learn to amuse himself and not rely on me all the time. Much easier said than done.
Toilet training is going ok, i still only trust him in the kitchen by himself. Not let him have more than one room at a time and if he’s in the lounge for example then he’s watched like a hawk. We’ve not had an accident indoors for a couple of weeks now though so i might start letting him in the dining room as well as the kitchen. It’s just frustrating that all the floors are carpeted except the kitchen. Ah well i suppose that’s what enzyme cleaner is for.
So here we are at 16 weeks. Working on his assistance work, puppy foundation classes, stopping the barking, sorting out his food because he has a sensative tummy and putting a bit more trust in him by allowing him access to one more room.
I’ll update on Friday after his test. Wish us luck please?

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Pigletpoglet Wed 13-Jun-18 06:28:07

Good luck! (and check out the Canine Enrichment facebook page - loads of amazing ideas to keep dogs happy and busy...)

FluffyPinkCloud Wed 13-Jun-18 06:38:40

Thanks for the suggestion.

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FluffyPinkCloud Fri 15-Jun-18 15:14:35

Fluffypup passed his obedience assessment! Yay! The assessor said he passed with flying colours which made me very proud.
I let him have access to both kitchen and dining room.and today he pooped in both. It was soft though so think his tummy’s still off kilter.
We got back from the assessment just after 1 and he’s been flat out ever since, except five mins where he had a bit of a winge and a ee outside. He’s back in bed now fast asleep. He’s adorable.
I’m meeting up with one of his trainers next wednesday to continue our assistance work training. I love her methods, she reminds me of an infant school teacher, using play to learn rather than more formal methods. It’s obvious pup really enjoys it too. We keep things short, 3-4 mins of play training and then a couple mins of actual playing. He often gets bored in those couple of mins and just comes back over to me and sits in front of me until we start training again. It’s very cute.
I’ll update on wednesday.

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